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Cannondale Track (SOLD!)

Bike tags: Track bike | cannondale | pittsburgh | superbe pro
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Cannondale "Track", 56 (SOLD!)

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Superbe Pro hub, Mavic

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I put three thousand-plus miles on this bike in three years and then sold it for almost three hundred dollars more, without wheels, than what I paid!

A sucker is born every minute? You make the call ...

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sorry man.. but i've gotta

sorry man.. but i've gotta say you're the sucker for selling it..

Sucker? Im in the same boat

Sucker? Im in the same boat as JCM I bought my Cdale track for a deal and sold it for double! I would have kept mine but had to stop lying to myself that the bike fits me.

Ahhh cannondale,

the original nineties cannondale track frames are probably the best aluminum work frame ever. I bought mine from a guy who was a messenger in baltimore for 4 years and rode it extremely hard, he bought it from a guy who rode track in the early nineties and he also rode it hard. Now it's mine and i've ridden it hard for a year and a half with a fat dent in the top tube. pretty much indestructible


a beautiful frame.


im going to be in pitts this weekend any rides goin on?


im going to be in pitts this weekend any rides goin on?


for sale yes? yes?

another pittsburgh-er

awesome bike! hopefully i'll see it around pittsburgh sometime. peace

ya got it from me

this can came into my possession via ebay as well. the seller represented this can track f/f as 58cm. so imagine my surprise when it arrived well "short" of advertised claims. i'm nearly six-two and no matter how high i set the seatpost i couldn't settle in. i didn't feel like filing a claim - much too much bull-shit for my taste; not to mention time. hence, my re-offering the can (as built) with little regard for profit.

anyway, i'm happy to learn this can found a good home.


"Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else."
------Margaret Mead

seen someone do messenger

seen someone do messenger work on an exact same bike/different size and different wheels etc for 10yrs plus if that gives indication of durability.been exposed to3or4 of these bikes and owner always is deeply in love.nice rig.


you know i love mine, marcuz.

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