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Affinity Lo Pro

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Affinity Lo Pro


Affinity/Cane Creek

Velocity Deep V - Phil/Araya Super Arrow 650c

Velocity Deep V-Veloctiy

Suntour Superbe Pro/Miche


MKS Sylvans/Izumi



do you still have any pics with a 650c on the front?

Hey, i was about to get the

Hey, i was about to get the same frameset!
Need some advise boys, im 5' 9".should i get a small (53) or medium (57)

get medium. i'm the same

get medium. i'm the same height and it fits perfectly.

Dope ride dude!

Dope ride dude!


I come back to this picture atleast once a week. Its one of the slickest set-ups i've ever seen. Nice build man.

haha thanks a lot dude

haha thanks a lot dude

what camera did you use??

what camera did you use??


my friend took these shots for me. i believe it was the Nikon D90


Dude did I just see some pictures of you and your ride on Fixie Pixie?

It says that your frames a medium 53cm, is that the measurement for your top tube as over here in the UK they quote the seat tube which is a 56/57?

yes i was on fixie pixie, if

yes i was on fixie pixie, if you check the affinity site the size is a 53-54cmish since it has pursuit geomtry, but if it was a regular bike it would be more like a 56cm


Seen you at the island yesterday. I was with that group of kids from the east bay (that always get drunk, not me tho). This frame is ill and i love the way it makes that 650 look leveled. Why you sellin it though?


im selling it to get a volume cutter hhaha. hard to do tricks on this frame even though its nice for riding. I like your GT! its really nice.

Frame size

I'm looking at getting this frame but don't know what size to get, I'm 5'9" do you think the medium's gonna be to big?

Sick setup by the way


i am about 5"8 and this frame fits me very well. the medium should be perfect!


nice ride. im digging the frame.

Toe Overlap?

how is it? cause im saving up for this frame

toe overlap

theres barely any toe overlap actually

This is the new bike? It's

This is the new bike? It's cute, dude...cute.


it is a new bike, and pssh wat do u mean by cute!



I have

a few questions:

1. Where did you get your frame andhow much for, because im trying to find one.

2. How does your front wheel have such low fork clearance if thats a 650?

3.Do pursuit frames hurt your back after a while?


1. i got it at a bike shop in SF, Boxdog to be precise. You can order it directly from them though
2. The pictures shown are not with a 700c wheel.
3. It doesn't with the set up. the geometry isn't tat bad at all


i love this frame dude, but why risers? not really tryin to hate on your bike cause the frame has really nice geometry and i also do realize that riding that frame around town would be back breaking, but isn't putting riser bars and a stem that tilts upward on this bike defeat the purpose of having a nice pursuit frame? just a thought. the bike looks appealing tho.


its true wat you said, but i really like the set up.


no it does not

Sick frame, dawg.

Sick frame, dawg.

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