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Bike tags: Fixed gear | Fixie Cervelo P3 by the Velosophe
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Cervelo P3 Track Full Carbon


Miche pistard

Miche pistard

Campagnolo Record Piste

Arione /Cervelo



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I dont care where you ride

I dont care where you ride it but it should be built up with some better parts

Wow I find If

Wow I find If I had this bike I would ride it on the velodrome and use it for its purpose! Mad frame for the track And wat its cost is valued for..but for street? Ouch....risers on ur bike just messed it all up lol. But meh ur bike ur rules nice bike tho.

Maybe he does rides this on

Maybe he does rides this on the velodrome. Cause you know riser bars are super fast! AND he has a kewl spoke cared that says velodrome

Actually is says Velosophie

Actually it says Velosophie

shhhhhhiiiiiiit.... fair

shhhhhhiiiiiiit.... fair play mate

if you ever saw this it

if you ever saw this it would be going to fast to even bend down to pick up a rock


I'd rock that shit on the street too. If you can afford a dope track bike and you're not a velodrome star why not? A bike is a bike. Haha.

Very good looking!

I love the fact that you use this for the streets :) I mean, if you've bought it you're free too do whatever you want with it, right?

Definately needs

a rack and panniers...

pretty lame that you use

pretty lame that you use that for street

put it on the track where it

put it on the track where it belongs!! haha its a sick ride though.

You should put risers on it

You should put risers on it


a waste of a bike.



Really cool bike. But.

Really cool bike. But. Risers? You expose this beauty to the street? Aye :/

voluntary recall on that fork...

i do believe

Was there

A recall on that fork?



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