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Ceya's Level

Bike tags: Track bike
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Level by Matsuda san Tokyo Japan

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Nice bike...

Hi there...

I like your bike very much...

...especially because it looks not that shiny like the most track bikes here. The most of them look like they're used only at sunny sundays.
This bike looks like it is used every day. Even though it looks damn fast and aggresive.

I would like to know how the feeling is while riding that monster.
It looks quite uncomfy...
Do you ride it for longer time or all day long?

Best wishes...

The Level in those pics were

The Level in those pics were in my last days as a messenger -May 2006.

Yes it went on long trips and was ridden all day.

It was not uncomfortable. If you know how to set up and know your size it won't be uncomfortable.



yo, when was this bike made? Do you know? The LeveL logo is different than any other leVel I have ever seen.
By the way, you have a serious bike problem.
I hope I get to meet you someday and see all these awesome bikes in one place!

about late 80s. I sold

about late 80s.

I sold already 20 plus of my personal stock.


definitely an inspiration

definitely an inspiration




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