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Affinity Low Pro a.k.a. Snow Flake

Bike tags: Fixed gear | affinity
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Affinity Cycles Low Pro

Nitto Risers, Thomson Elite Stem

Steel fork, Chris King headset

Stock wheel laced to Formula hub

Stock wheel laced to Formula hub

Sugino Messenger crankset with Sugino bottom bracket

Selle San Marco Concor Supercorsa attached to crap Cannondale fake carbon seatpost... hehe

EAI 17t/44

My beautiful new commuter bike that I hope to ride for the rest of my life. I used to ride a thick aluminum frame that was loud as hell. But with just 3 little cranks on this steel frame, I'm off like a rocket in the most silent way. Affinity has done an incredible job with his pursuit frame... it is just stunning.

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love this, too bad we couldn't get a daylight pic.
fuck the haters man, pursuit geo isn't designed to feel comfy. its designed to haul ass

If you need that many

If you need that many spacers, a rising stem, and riser bars... wow, this just isn't for you. Function before fashion.

tight reflectors jackass

tight reflectors jackass

Shut up dude I'd like to see

Shut up dude I'd like to see you ride at night on your all black bike and get smacked hard by a car and see your bike in a crumpled heap, and your brains smacked to mush by the pavement because you think your one of those "mashers"

sometimes wishes do come true.


you all should go ride your bikes in stead of waisting time criticizing other people's builds?

wow super short

wow super short wheelbase!
would look better without that 3" stem...
but, then you would kill your back on your commute.

You're certainly right about

You're certainly right about the wheelbase. As far as the stem is concerned, i just reversed it so that it would come down a bit... but overall the risers are of huge help on my back.

Man up and deal with the

Man up and deal with the drop. I'm betting you haven't tried it with bullhorns and without 3in of spacers. The Affinity top tube slope is not as steep as a "true" oldschool pursuit frame. The drop is not nearly as bad as you'd think.

I never really thought 3

I never really thought 3 inch of spacers as putting my manhood into question but i get your point. I'll def. give it a try with the bullhorns.

try commuting

on this thing with bullhorns or drops, its hell. i also ride an affinity with risers and a fairly tall stem, because it my COMMUTER, not my super cool all NJS certified, uncomfortable, trendy bike, which seems to be quite popular these days. ha!

Long live comfort! haha!

the best things in life aren't things...


I ride mine all day as my job, and sometimes ride home which is 15 miles non stop (hence why I don't do it very often, at least in the winter).

If you know anything about how to set your shit up to your size you should have no pain unless you are doing 20+ mile rides, which in that case, I'd look at getting something with freewheel/gears and brakes.

If you run drops on a pursuit you pretty much fail at everything.

Risers, riser stem/bunch of spacers on a pursuit just look stupid and you are shorting yourself of hand positions not using horns. No offense to anyone personally but honestly a better frame choice could have been made if wanting to build a long distance commuter if that's what you are doing, although I doubt that.

I'm all for doing whatever works for you, don't get me wrong, as I do it myself. Just voicing my opinion.

I actually hate risers on all bikes except MTB's, even then, they can't have much rise to em otherwise it just irks me.

white power

i ride drops on a pursuit and i am also a tbird bassist so i clearly dont fail at everything ;) also its very comfortable for me, i have no spacers and a level stem. but i say run what you like and what is comfortable.


I like what you've stated.

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