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1967 Schwinn Continental


Kit bash from old stuff

Schwinn s-6 rim on Sprint hubs

Schwinn s-6 rim on Sprint hubs

Schwinn one piece

Blk Brooks on stock post of coarse

1/8 chain

was 65-12, then 26-12, now 36-16

This is my current project. Most parts are undecided right now. But I have lots of old used parts around that may find their home here. So far the cost minimal. and I am trying to keep it that way. I don't see my self on it all the time just when I want to go warp speed or something like that. I wanted to build a bigger one but this was what I found. I will keep pics updated when I can.
I have just finished etching roman numarals into the chainring next to come is the minute hand at II. 1-17-07
Today I have just about capped off my frame mods, begining with the new track ends! 1-24-07
The paint is on! Yes it is painted like an old Paramount. I can't find or afford the real thing, so I made this. 1-29-07
It's gettin there! This is about where I want it. I've got decals coming. I realy want a better stem though. 2-1-07
I have had a recent knee injury (and no it is not from riding this as a meatgrinder), so I reconverted this to be a strainless ride that I can even pedal uphill with one leg if I needed to. Now 26 to 12 and I am surprizingly really happy with it llike this. 4-11-07

This year this bike has the weakly purpose of being a Sunday Slow Ride Cruiser. I enjoy it the most this way, and sometimes better than any of my other bikes! 5-14-08

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why such a small gear?!? that would be too small to even climb a 20% grade!!

Just because I could. It was

Just because I could. It was fun for a while, but I moved on.



like the color scheme.

like the color scheme.

meat grinder

if your foot slipped you might just lose a leg. cool mods man

What time is it?

Gotta love that chainring!


My knees hurt just looking at that gear.

Pretty bike.

Terence Brashear

I always wondered if it's

I always wondered if it's possible to get a speeding ticket on a bicycle. I guess if this bike doesn't I dunno what will.

Where did you find a 65 tooth chainring???

Well the plan is to go so

Well the plan is to go so fast that I will acually go back in time to where there are no laws!
It was a barn find believe it or not!

Nice Exercycle chainwheel.......

Yeah, you knew I'd catch that.

How Fast do you guess?

I am having a poll to guess the top speed on flat ground. Price Is Right rules of coarse.

Way to build that

Way to build that going 2$...ftw

1 dollar!!

1 dollar!!



I guess I posted this with

I guess I posted this with an older pic of the larger chain wheel. I'll have to dig one up again.

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