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Stella road conversion.

Nitto cruiser bars, Forte cheapo stem


Nashbar track hub, Sunrim M13 II, Wheelsmith 14g spokes

Nashbar track hub, Sunrim M13 II, Wheelsmith 14g spokes, Dura-Ace 17t cog + lockring

Sugino French threaded BB cups w/ Shimano spindle

Brooks B17 with Kalloy post

Powergrips pedals and KMC Z chain


2006 NACCC did this bike in. After the weekend she was stripped down and repainted. I can't find a whole lot of info on Stella bikes, other than they were middle-of-the-road French road bikes in the 60s, 70s and 80s. The pictures of them I've seen were sweet, I tried to keep things classy with the rebuild. 1/19/07 Update: added pics with the brown bartape and hemp twine whipping. 5/30/07 Update: Swapped out the drops for awesome birthday present Nitto cruiser bars, added a Wald front basket and Berthoud fenders.
2/08 Update: The main picture above was selected by Brooks Saddles to be on the front page of their website for the month of February. Sweet!

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I'd like to see what it looks like...

...but the large images seems missing? Can they be uploaded again?


You bike is still looking good. How is life in South Philly?

Righty O

Thanks Ryan,

Things are ok in souf philly. The fancy bike is still fancy and treating me very well. How's the nation's capital?


its good. I love it down here. I saw Pete in Baltimore Sunday. It was cool. I'll probably see you at MS150 this weekend.

Beach camp

How was camping? You had a beautiful night for it. Good to see you!


Camping was delicious.

Soft, sandy ground. Bonfire. Ordered pizzas. It was great.

Looks great

I'll bet it rides nice. Is that a bandaid on the front? Cracks me up.

Rides like buttah

She rides like a dream. Yes, that's my band-aid headbadge. While I was trying to figure out what color this was once I got it back from the painter (I asked for cream, but am glad it turned out like this), my lady suggested Calamine lotion, or band-aid. Since lotion makes such a poor headbadge...


well done!

nice classy build

if this bike could talk i feel like it would say "cheerio, good sir!" on the way by.

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!
this is awesome.

You know...

...gotta keep my pimp hand strong. Thanks for the words. See you around eventually. My house has swallowed me whole, but I'm out riding now and again.

No Go Slow


i like the flask holder!! great idea.

Thanks! I friend got it for

Thanks! I friend got it for me as a b-day gift. I think it's a perfect accent to the bike.

flask holder

where did he get it do you know? ive been wanting one of these for a while, :)

This bike is

This bike is fucking epic...well done! I want to copy it so bad with an '84 trek 500 I have but I have no use for a bike like this. Good day.

Everybody needs more bikes,

Everybody needs more bikes, even bikes like these.

Do it!

Copy it anyway. I didn't really need this bike, but looking at all the Velospace, FGG and bikeforums pictures inspired me. First you build the bike, then you find the need. I've been using it to ride to and from work, around town, etc. It's a bit embarassing how dirty it's gotten already, but hey, I ride it all the time.

Thanks for the compliments, now go build your own!

No Go Slow

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