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Paddrock's Level

Bike tags: Fixed gear | 505 | champ | concor | dura ace | more tags >>
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Nitto 125aa / Nitto NJ Pro 100mm x 58°

Level / Hatta Swan Super Deluxe

Dura Ace HP-7600 laced 3x to 32h Velocity Fusion

Dura Ace HP-7600 laced 3x to 32h Velocity Fusion

Sugino 75's 165mm / Hatta R9400

Concor / Nitto Jaguar 27.0

MKS RX-1 / Izumi

EAI 18t Cog / Sugino Zen 49t Chainring

Thanks GoHeart.

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This thing is beautiful!

wats that clear thing on

wats that clear thing on your top tube i've seen it on other peoples bikes but cant figure out wats the point for it.

Where'd you find the frame?

wish it was still round the 505....

sexy paint job

sexy paint job

so buttery.

so buttery.

so nice

so, about funding that marinoni purchase....


awesome bike! are you in santa fe?


I was in my hometown of SFe up until yesterday, now in Toronto.

sexy bikes

did you get frame this new or used?
the bike looked great in the FGG!

Used frame

I picked this frame up used, but in great shape, from Stratton. Thanks for the kind words.


Nice pic in the snow! Where's the IRO??

nice build!!!

your LEVEL looks great!

Level Love

So, So Nice!

tri spoke........

...........and that bike would be prefect!



Dude, your bike is super sex...

Black Keirin frames are rare.

Steel for real! :)


looking good.
but how come we don't get a photo with the gold risers as well?

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