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1977 Motobecane Track

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'77 Motobecane track with Bocama cut-out lugs. (Vitus tubing i think), 58cm

unknown track 25.0 / unknown lugged steel 22.0/25.0

Motobecane fork w/ Stronglight Super Competition headset

36H Normandy HF laced to Super Champion Record du Monde tubulars and Wolber Profile TB tires

36H Normandy HF laced to Super Champion Record du Monde tubulars and Wolber Profile TB tires

Spidel 165mm (French threaded) / Stronglight 700A Cartridge

Brooks Professional / Gipiemme fluted 25.0

Olimpic Track (French threaded) / Miche 1/8

46/16 at the time of photo

finally fully restored after more than two years of waiting to repaint. there isn't much known about the frame. i never got to weighing it sans parts, so the tubing is still unknown. Componentry makes me think this was Moto's second tier track bike next to their ChampionTeam, which was made from Reynolds 531 and likely had Campagnolo components.

i can only guess the right year by the date stamps on the Normandy hubs which show '77. without any proper records it was impossible to track down original color and decal scheme, so i just went for a custom classic job. decals are not clearcoated over. i'll likely end up replacing the bottom tube with the more common block letter MOTOBECANE, and maybe in gold. I haven't decided yet.

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Love this bike.

Love this bike.

wow,nice work this is a

wow,nice work this is a beauty


did you repaint this yourself? how were the lug outlines done?

downtube decal

well done, keep the refrigerator font on. it feels at home on that bike
my $.02

Wow... that's beautiful :)

Wow... that's beautiful :)

French stuff

Funny how people think french stuff is hard to deal with. I think it's easier to find parts and their cheaper priced since people don't want to
deal with the french thread, the various crank extrator pitches, and the 22.0 stem. Nice job with your finished Motobecane track bike.


she's pretty, i like how you restored her, and god bless you for dealing with a french frame

"i'll likely end up

"i'll likely end up replacing the bottom tube with the more common block letter MOTOBECANE, and maybe in gold. I haven't decided yet."

I would actually leave as is as it makes the frame look much more classic and refined. Nice work. You going to ride this beast? What are you putting on the bars?

thanks! the thin letters are

thanks! the thin letters are classic, but are hard to see in indirect light. at some time motobecane switched from thin to block letters, but i'm not sure when. anyhow, this one will get ridden eventually. probably no street rides though. the paint job won't take the abuse and at the moment i don't plan on making a clincher set. for the bars i'll likely get some benotto white or even just white cloth tape.

BTW, your 72 Raleigh is simply gorgeous. those and paramounts of that era are hands down the classiest rides ever!

Know what you mean

See what you're saying about the font/name being hard to read, especially in the wrong lighting. My 72 Raleigh is the exact same way. Most people miss the name that don't recognize that classic color scheme. But I think your bike really stands out as currently done, even over the block letter option, which might be easier to see but not as aesthetically appealing.

You should ride that beast when you can, though. And the tubulars are GREAT, really a step up from most modern wheelsets. I've moved to tubulars on most of my bikes, even though I have clincher backups. I've had less tire issues with the setups, ironically enough. On another front, I really like the Benotto cello and cotton tape the best appearance-wise. The Benotto gets slippery in hot conditions but is super easy to clean. You need gloves if you sweat. The white cotton is great but gets totally dirty in several hard rides. A great compromise is the Ambrosio Bike Ribbon, which is thinner than cork and looks the part, feeling good as well. Ultimately, the thin stuff looks the best. And thanks for the Raleigh Pro Track comments. I love riding and looking at that bike! Many around here dont have any idea what it is but those that do get all fired up. It really is one of the all time elegant classics. But your ride looks VERY nice as well. She really stands out from afar, too.

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