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Benotto Track

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Benotto Track 55cm


benotto / campy



record bb / sugino75

regal / campy

sylvan / izumi


new bronze paint.

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color scheme

really cool. i had an old univega frame a couple years ago that was awesome... white and red, had the same color scheme as this here bike.

but mine is actually hot pink! i'll try to put up another picture soon but i got sand in my camera and the lens won't open. ouch

bet it skidz like a thousand

bet it skidz like a thousand buxxxxxx


it takes skidz better than my underwear

okay so...

pentagram bike, my friend has a patch of that exact image, i don't know where he got it from and he never told me... do you know where i might procure one?

not sure

I don't remember where I saw this, but a patch would be badass. Sorry to be of no help.

clean ass bike, btw

clean ass bike, btw

simple and beautiful. Love

simple and beautiful. Love the white tires

Clean and Simple

Nice ride. I think the double straps would be nice on it.

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