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Inzed Pursuit

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike | campagnolo | cinelli | fyxomatosis | more tags >>
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Inzed steel pursuit frame 700c

Cinelli Pista and Polished SR with milled head

Shimano STX, Columbus Max fork

Record on velocity

Record on velocity

Sugino 'Super Mighty' and sugino

Rolls and polished Dura-ace

MKS - Izumi


Previously ridden by a national track champion. Rides sharp and fast. Safe cyclin' *TC

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on wheels, NICE!


sweet looking machine,white is the colour!


what kind of steel tubing is that? It looks like a carbon frame or a steel with carbon reinforced welds. I want one!



Nice frame! It's got curves

Nice frame! It's got curves like those new fancy road bikes but still retains that kind of nobility that older thin-tubed bikes have. (I hate those giant hollow aluminum tubes! No matter how efficient they are, they're still ugly). I like the stem too.

so you hate those 90's

cannondale aluminum thick ass tubing track frames ?


Why hate? It's just something different. Appreciate diversity.


Nice curves, really smooth

Laced 1X. Kinky.

Laced 1X. Kinky.

One cross

It's rare lacing pattern. The wheels came off a 6-day racers bike. No dust caps on the hubs so you can oil them lightly. Fast.


I like the frame angles

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