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1974 Schwinn Paramount

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1974 Schwinn Paramount P13-9 (Road Racer), frame no. A7414, 23", Opaque Red

Nitto (have the original Cinelli stored)

Paramount, Campagnolo Reccord

Campagnolo tubular/ Campy Record Hub

Campagnolo tubular/ Campy Record Hub

Campagnolo Nuovo Record 170, 42/52, BSC 68-SS

Brooks Professional, Nitto

Campagnolo, Regina Oro

Camapnolo Nuovo Record

Campagnolo Record

5-speed Regina Oro

I recently completed the restoration. I've had it since 1986, where I found it on sale on consignment at a local bike store by UNM in Albuquerque. I think I paid 500 for it. Rode it like crazy for 5 years, and the paint got all scratched up from locking it to parking meters, etc. One day I decided to restore it, so I stripped the components in 1991 and prepared to have the frame shipped to Waterford. Well, it sat around for about 8 years. Then I had the restoration done, and the restored frame sat mounted on my wall for another 8 years, from 2000 until recently.

Recently heard its cries to be a real bike again, and started shopping around on craigslist, eBay, local bike stores for original and NOS parts. (I'd transferred most to my Bottecchia frame, though lost a few -- crankset, rear derailleur, BB -- due to wear. In retrospect, I should have fixed these instead of throwing them away. Live and learn.) Had the good fortune to find someone who was parting out a '74 frame with all Campy parts, to replace those that were lost, and to put duplicate shifters, headset on the Bottecchia.

Brakes, shifters, front derailleur, are the original parts sold with the bike in '74. I opted for Nitto seatpost, stem and handlebars, since the original 38 cm Cinelli handlebars, though high-quality, made me feel like I was cycling in handcuffs, and the NR two-bolt seatpost was always a pain to adjust. It's amazing what you'll put up with if you don't know any better.

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great restoration,

I love the orange paint, the honey saddle is a good look. Its amazing what a little love and a lot of money can accomplish. I am looking for a Paramount to restore, I want to find a short coupled frame to restore in Blue. I just finished a short coupled in candy orange. My wife thinks I have lost my mind spending time working on 40 year old bikes. It reminds me of the great times riding these wonderful works of art. They don't make em' like they this anymore. Nice Job, Nice Bike.

Dude, no

Schwinn called and said you CANNOT sell this bike.

-Oakland, CA


Why were the lugs painted over? Were they not chrome? I think 1974 may have been when they stopped chroming them. I too am having a '66 Paramount repainted. Check my bicycles in a month for pictures.


It's been restored using the original color. The lugs were not chrome on this model.


niice saddle man.


I just got a custom Belgian frame from '72 or thereabouts. Cant wait to build her up. Quality frames really last through the ages!


fect! I am envious, a fine example of classic Schwinn bikemanship.




I was blessed to have found it originally sitting in that bike shop in Albuquerque. Restoring it after all these years was a labor of love.

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