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Gregg Diamond Touring Bike 1980

Bike tags: Road bike
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531 DB with straight gauge down tube for stiffness. Double eyelets for racks and fenders


Camy NR

Campy high flange to 27" Mavic

Campy high flange to 27" Mavic

Phil Wood Bottom Bracket, TA Crankset

Campy with Brooks Professional

Campy SR

TA Crankset 48, 37,26 and 13-21 freewheel

I am the original owner- Gregg built the frame for me custom in 1980.

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hell ya this looks swell.

hell ya this looks swell.


Nice bike -- great it's with the original owner. One question on the TA crank: I have a vintage '72 Holdsworth with one, and had set up the relationship between the spider and the main chainring slightly differently. Looking at how your bike is set up now, my right crankarm is one position (72 degrees) farther clockwise than yours; this puts my crank arm directly between two chainring struts (don't know what else to call them). Thoughts? In any case, great bike.


hi- thank you for the nice comments. i don't recall if i thought about the placement of my chainrings and crank when i built this one up- it was 28 years ago. i guess there might be some advantage but my guess is that it would nuance rather than truly material. gregg was a nice man and a patient friend. he died in the mid-eighties. i traded a gibson L-50 guitar for the custom frame. a lovely guitar for a lovely bike. most of the parts for the bike came off a raleigh international i had. i toured extensively on this bike and it was a daily rider until a couple years ago. gregg built frames without jigs and i believe painted this one himself. when i go for rides people stop me for a chin wag and check-it-out.
regards, steiny

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