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57cm pista concept aka (squirlisha)

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57cm pista concept

answer pro tapers // thomson elite 90 mm 10 degree rise

stock bianchi carbon fork // cane creek headset

mavic ellipse

aerospoke // phil cog

sugino 75 crank arm with sugino zen track chainring // sugino 75 bottom bracket

thomson laid back // white san marco rolls

black mks sylvans // red toshi double straps // yellow plastic toshi strap holders // forte plastic cages

46 zen chainring in front // 17 tooth phil cog in rear

baught the frame new
i love it ride really well
thinking or getting new black toshis because my red ones are almost worn down
if u have hate keep the comments to urself

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Hello there! This is my

Hello there! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I genuinely enjoy reading through your articles. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that deal with the same subjects? Thanks a ton!

Yeah, check out the spammers

Yeah, check out the spammers are faggots blog. Hope you enjoy the site, asshole!


How do you like the ellipse? I'm thinking about getting one for my front..that or a vento...btw, fuck EVERYBODY else. If you like your ride that's all that matters..after all, you're the one riding it. Ignore the ignorant!

Posted By: SkidMark
Hot Rods don't have four doors, and when they burn out the rear tires smoke, not the f*cking front tires.

Kids these days.



really clean bike. I picked

really clean bike. I picked up my frame/fork from box dogs. theyre good people. I totally lold when I read all the posts.

definitely one of my

definitely one of my favorite bikes
solid job


is that aerospoke raw with the machined part painted black or is the whole wheel painted black?




like it a lot. i did not want a concept but seeing nice ones like this makes me feel like i should have got one. nice!

Also, how tall are you? I'm

Also, how tall are you? I'm about 5'11" and I'm debating between the 55cm or 57cm pista concept, your seat post seems to be pretty high?

That's about where it should

That's about where it should be with proper frame size and leg extension.


Sick bike man, cleanly done.

Could I ask, how did you go about covering up the machined lip on your rear aerospoke? Thanks man


Hey I seen this picture before, but with a different bike, I think it was an AFFINITY.....jajajaja....just kidding, nice riding dude. I'll see you arround....rocking a wheel chiar, and getting back my aerospokes next mounth.


nice dude

single tooth you sound kind

single tooth you sound kind of jealous and i dont have my bike posted cause my camera is fucked and im usally busy riding it rather than commenting on it but you seriously dont look like someone who cares about the ride of a good bike im not a big fan of aerospkes but on this bike you really should of just kept going .you ride conversions no offense but you dont even know what its like to ride a track bike let alone an aerospoke any way step it up a little then feel free to bash bikes i mean seriously you own a nishiki wtf any way simply put go fuck yourself and no offense to fixa palozza i usally hate these bikes but i could honestly look forward to riding this bike it looks just used enough but still nice and ridden good job i own a few old italian bikes wich i would post but by the time i get home im either to high or just dont care to do it plus i dont know how to get the pic to fit

Hey I saw you on the island right before the new year!

Hey whats up I saw you on the island right before the new year! You were rockin a black NF jacket with blond hair... I was rockin my girls crome Pista. I did not want to take my concept out there. I was with the group of kids one rockin a red frame aero up front the other kids all had aero's up front as well. I was kickin it with Jordan and my homie Jacob as well..Anyways whats up!!!..... White Pista Concept Tempe AZ

yea bro

rearospokes for the win! sup rich, its brice.


personally this bike is fuckin sick, good build

sick bike

i think that your bike is FUCKING AWESOME!!!! i am a huge fan of pista concepts and aerospokes, and plus, pista concepts are som of the lightest track bikes out there. my point is, FUCK the haters, as far as im concerned, they can just eat shit on their little pussy bikes and go burn in fucking hell!


dude true that
haters need to fuck off
if u dont like it too bad good thing u dont have to ride itt
thanks for the love

i like your concept.

i cant wait untill i get my concept!, but what color should i paint it .....hmmmmmm?


so much hatred on this page! hi haters

Nice bike.. i just got a concept frameset as well, i'm sure a lot of people did since bianchi shipped out the last of there 08's.

I'm actually feeling the rearospoke. Aerospokes aren't as bad as the haters say, i've owned a front one, it actually rides pretty good.

People are hating on this

People are hating on this because it has to be the trendiest bike on velospace. The concept is only OK, not a great frame. It's the same as every other mass produced alum track frame out there. Aerospoke is the trendiest wheel out because the hipsters think it is cool. The truth is for the amount of money people spend on average alum (concept, fuji pro, leader, etc...) frames and aerospokes they could have had a custom steel frame and wheelset made that weighs far less and is of better quality. The people out there rolling around on fixies only care id it looks cool and weather or not they have the same components as all their buddies.


name one hand built steel frame that would cost less that that frame and rear wheel idiot.


You checked the price of a CUSTOM steel frame lately there buddy?

Take the cost of cranks, stem, saddle, bars, pedals, etc, etc and tack on about 1000+ for a CUSTOM steel frame and another 400-your hearts desire for a "better quality" lighter wheelset on your fucking STREET ride.

This dude has less than 2 grand in his build (at my quick sum up, about 1500-1600) make sure you know what your talking about next time.


This is why I gave up on people, let the idiots continue to be idiots and they'll kill themselves off eventually.


Bomber pro (spirit keirin w/suginoBB and hatta swan headset) = 1500
kalavinka (spirit keirin w/dura ace BB and hatta swan headset) = 1350

both are direct quotes from the builders (in japanese) converted to USD using today's exchange rate of 88.97en to USD.

A total custom 100% NJS certified(yes it does not matter but douchebags jock it) bike should cost no more than 250,000円 or 2800. A year ago it would have been about 2100 but the USD is fucked right now.

"AH GOD THIS IS LIKE BIKEFORUMS IM GETTING-TFO." Do your research before running your wana-be guru mouth.


thats about what those japaneese frames cost used too.. weird

I definitely don't think I'm

I definitely don't think I'm a guru, ass. And if this page isn't like some bullshit from BFSSFG, I don't know what is.

Um... so all you did was show that a custom NJS build is way more than this guys Pista build... which is what I said to begin with.. You also didn't factor in the shipping from Japan... you also seemed to overlook the fact that this guys build is way less than 2800 USD, which I pointed out. :)

What was the point of your post?

And I personally don't think Keirin bikes are ideal for an everyday street ride. Thin wall steel/thin wall alu, same risks. Only thing with the the steel is that it's fixable without it's structural integrity greatly decreased.

Shipping from

Shipping from japan............
Take a once in a lifetime trip to japan and while you are here buy a bike. Shipping home = 0. You are allowed two pieces of checked luggage. But amateurs who don't travel with their bikes wouldn't think about this option.



hey dude

you dont know shit about how i like my bikes to feel
so i like alluminum big fucking deal
everyoe likes different things and i like how my bike rides
who r u to tell me that i dont like rthe way my bike feels
if u care about weaight and shit man up and stop being a vag
ur a fucking pussy

"The people out there

"The people out there rolling around on fixies only care id it looks cool and weather or not they have the same components as all their buddies."

Who cares? Who wants to ride a bike they don't think looks cool?

screw it!!!

Lets meet up, I'll kick all your asses!!!

i hope ur talking abut the haters

cuz if ur are then i will help u

why is everyone crying?

haha why is everyone crying about your aerospoke? like fa real? haha everyone dissing this bike stop crying and just do your own thing. your not the one riding it. and who cares if its "5 lbs" heavy. go to the gym and work out your legs! its not HEAVY! plus i doubt fix-a-pooloza is hitting up the track. do your thang bro. dont listen to the haters! like the bike!


everyone is trying to fucking direct me as in how they dont like my bike
to fucking bad i am the one who rides it not them
helle gee keep up the true comments

haha fa real bro. hella

haha fa real bro. hella funny. dont let it knock you. just laugh. ay if you got haters, you know your doing something right! because people just jealous. haha stay up man.


tru that bro

get off the internet

and ride your bike more.
Conversions are trendy.
Track bikes where built for one gear and not janked together by the lowest parts bidder.
get real


i do agree with u

writing this comment

arent u on the internet and not riding
make comments that make sense


obviously not on as often as some of the tools that are busy hating on a bike they just simply cant afford :[ boo hoo

Arrospok techincally is only

Arrospok technically is only about 1.5/1.8? lbs heavier than a rear Ellipse. Having rocked an Arrospok on an Alu frame this bike is still probably barely tipping 20lbs.

Weight doesn't matter riding in the street.

Singletooth is a fucking retard who really can't judge anyone, all of his bikes are pretty jank minus the GT. Especially that Cannondale. Loads of FAIL on that one.


ur a genious


i like how hes tallking shit and probably has ever rocked a rear aerospoke
i ride my bike because i like the way it feels
theres rlly nothing on my bike that i dont use because i think it looks cool. thats just one plus to the parts i own, there "trendy".
get a life and go ride ur bike and stop crakin on others when all ur fixed gears suck buttcheeks


you may be making a point, fixie-a-pooloza, but your name and the way you construct a sentence make you sound like "mentally challenged" person.

fuck u

fuck u bro ur the retard i m mea ur name is cool bike dude and ur from the city pee pee



another yes




i am cool bike dude

ur retarted man. y u mad? ur biek is so gae. mi name is kool bike dood bcause i em a kool dood on uh bike.


the way u pieced together that sentence with all the misspelling makes u seam like u should be in a mental facility



check out that retards other comments on other bikes... great stuff... light entertainment by mentally challenged person from "pee pee" town.

Praise the internet.


dude he sounds like a menatally retarded 3 year old tryin to say his first sentance

i am the retard



obviously you are a little bitch
just give it a rest
everyone agrees with me and not with you.


hey little fish!

i guess i get to throw you back once again. also, i thought we had a nice thing going with the whole "i say something dumb, you repond with something smart" until you started handing out with people like "fixie-paloosa" or whatever. c'mon, this guy is clearly inbred. HAVE SOME SELF RESPECT, MAN!

fuck tard

can u not spell
its called polooza

if you're alive

then i am dead


just shut up your a tard

LOL oohhh shit you guys are

LOL oohhh shit you guys are funny, do you guys type like that on purpose? anyway, im digging everything except the saddle and bars, they just dont go well..but wtf is this a fucking outfit!? hahaha i bet it's comfy as a mother fucker, rolls are awesome, and i'm loving those cranks and chainring! woooop!

Guess You Don't Know Your Conversions

So you Fail

1608 g = 3.54503 lb thats without tire & tube.

Rear Aerojunk that is. Better do some research before opening your trendy piehole.

Stupid American

dude, stop hating. you

dude, stop hating. you should get ban. who gives a flying fuck if hes rocking an aerospoke? it maybe be heavy but how the hell is that a problem? dont be dissing on something because theyre "popular" and btw he was saying the wheel was HEAVIER by 1 or 2 lbs not that it is. so you fail. don't be an elitist bitch. i could say a lot of shit about your crap ass bikes so don't say shit about others.

edit- i saw your comments on some other bikes. WOW, really? you hate on everyone who is "trendy." i bet these "hipsters" get more riding done then u. get ur lazy "im too cool for a fixed gear" ass off and ride a bike

wow well said

simngletooth just got owned


Yea we all know that you have to justify your purchase of an over priced piece 'o' crap from a company that was about to go out of business until the fixster hipster crowd came along.

Keep doing everything thats trendy, you'll fit in some day. Where's your bandana?

dont be calling my bikes shitty

have u looked at urs lately

get a real track bike bot a conversion

get a real track bike bot a conversion


Thomson Setback

Does it really matter? And who really cares?

I cant believe your actually commenting on what he called his seatpost. It doesnt matter, and shouldnt matter, its a gosh darn seatpost.


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