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1972 Raleigh Professional Track DL-175 ('72 Ti Raleigh Team Colors)         Featured Bike! on 08/30/2012

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Reynolds 531 DB Tubes w/Large Section Chainstays & Forks, Campagnolo Dropouts, Latin Line Longpoints, and Chromed Headtube lugs

Cinelli Model 65 w/Benotto Cello / Cinelli Model 2 Track

Reynolds Round Section 531 w/Reinforced Crown ~ Campagnolo Dropouts ~ Campagnolo Pista HS

Campagnolo Pista HF Hub ~ 4-Cross to Fiamme Ergal Tubular (280g) ~ Clement

Campagnolo Pista HF Hub ~ 4-Cross to Fiamme Ergal Tubular (280g) ~ Clement

Campagnolo Pista 170mm ~ Campagnolo Record Pista

Brooks Team Professional or San Marco Concor Supercorsa Confort / Campagnolo Record 27.2

Campagnolo SL (Campagnolo SL Pista next), Campy Alloy Clips, Alfredo Binda Straps ~ Chain upgrade w/Pedals

16 / 50 Pista Chainring ~ 82.4 Inches

No Velocity Deep V. No colored rims with matching straps. No Day-Glo Paint. No spoke Cards.
Just one of the great classic vintage British track bikes in the rather rare '72 Ti Raleigh Team Colors with
Campagnolo Pista and ├╝ber light Fiamme "Yellow Label" Ergal tubulars. The "G" date code frame was
made in 1972 but received '73/74 Raleigh brochure paint scheme from factory vs the '72 brochure Blue/white.

Hitting the road is always interesting. It's only a few that recognize this bike for what it is, a handful
feeling compelled to discuss with the ensuing ride and chat. Mostly they are over 45, reliving some past
memory from younger days. You never tire of talking about a great ride, especially if your own.

Part of the magic of this ride must be divided between the wonderful frame with it's balanced geometry,
great fork, and Reynolds 531. It's got great acceleration and handles amazingly all the while feeling
perfect for road or track. I must say a good part must also lie with this wheelset, with the uber smooth
Campag Pista hubs and super light Fiamme Ergal tubular rims. These @ 280g rims are made for riders in the
150lb range. Heavier riders need to be cautious on the road. Mine are laced 4X for better load carrying
since I'm in the 190lb range. Let me just say these wheels are the best I've owned and come up to speed
and spin so nicely, it's hard to get on anything else. I have two sets now for a backup.

It's a bike I've been wanting for too long to remember. So much more direct and alive vs road options,
options that stay on the wall in favor of this near 40 year old beauty.

Just under 18lbs w/Fiamme & Concor solution


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So nice

This is just about my favourite thing.

always has been, always will

always has been, always will be, my favorite bike on this site.

Congraulations on finding

Congraulations on finding this. It is one of the true classics in a field characterized by what's new and now, and disposability.

whats the geometry on this,

whats the geometry on this, or at least the wheelbase/ the bike really is gorgeous.

Wheelbase Comparisons

Thanks for the compliments on this bike; it's actually better in person with a great patina. Just really one of my favorites. Regarding something like the wheelbase, you must remember this is a British track bike from 72 that's essentially a take of an earlier 60s Carlton frame. The wheelbase comes in at @ 39.5" which is actually a 1/2" longer than my 84 Ciocc Designer 84 road bike, a monster at 62cm CtC - 61cm TT, this compared to the Raleigh Pro Track at 59cm. So an early-mid 80s Italian road bike like the Ciocc was a bit more aggressive then the 60s/70s British track option. Look at something like a Rossin, also from Italy, and you get a handle of what extreme track geometry brings to the equation. All this being said, the Raleigh has amazing lines, rides like a dream, handles even better, and is just a blast on the road, both aesthetically and peformance-wise. I said I would never sell it but never say never...


Ok so it's a 1973 bike.

I have the 1972 and 1973 and 1974 catalogs, and these colors were introduced and used ONLY in 1973 and 1974. In 1972 the bikes were lagoon blue & white. Occasionally, there are some frames made in year #N, and painted in year #(N+1), presumably with #(N+1) parts installed. This looks like one of them. So, if it has a Gnnnn serial number, it's a frame made in 1972, painted in early 1973, and originally part'ted up with 1973 parts. ON this bike the saddle and hubs will have date codes. A bike made in 1973, would have 1972 parts (which is the case for all 4 of my original Carltons.) So if you're trying to do a perfect restoration, you want hub locknuts that say CAMP 72 on the insides. Saddle will say something like A72 in black ink underneath (thin brooks label). Pista Cranks have no date codes. Bike needs chrome pista pedals. Black SL pedals are lighter, but not original. Catalog was wrong. Bikes came with pista record pedals, not with pista SL pedals. My 74 will not be original as I just cannot stomach four hundred for a pista crankset, a TA Tevano Pista works just as well for twenty five dollars.

And the Tony goes to.....

Yeah, that's what I said in the original description and in the post four below this one. It's a 72 built frame with 73/74 brochure colors. I've always gone by the year the frame was made as the bike year. In this instance, it received the later colors (thankful it did as I'm not as fond of the '72 color). Of course, the extra wrinkle is we're talking brochure colors, because the actual 1972 Ti Raleigh Team DID use these colors as seen HERE.

Well, one thing should be clear; I'm not going for an "original" restoration as this has an earlier Cinelli Model Track 2 stem with Cinelli 65 Track bars, choices I find more compelling than the stock options. Ditto with the rims as I'll go with the Fiamme Ergals over ye olde original Sprints. I actually have the Pro Track brochures from 72,73,74 pictured in my own page I linked to in the description, so I'm aware of the years/colors. I'm also going with the later Campy Pista pedals over the earlier option. Lastly, I prefer the Unicanitor, something a lot of the USA Raleigh Track riders were using at the time. It's actually my favorite saddle now, road or track. Regardless, it's such a sweet ride with or without exact stock setup, even with that TA Tevano, quite a better-than-nice Campy takeoff.

Bottom Bracket Axle

Hey man, I have this same frame, and and Campag setup. I was wondering what length axle did you go with? 109? 110? 111? thanx!


Fired you a PM on the matter. Wish you would throw up a shot of your sample.

This is a 1973 or a 1974 frameset

This is a 1973 or a 1974 frameset. How about posting the serial number from the bottom bracket ?? Wx4... would be 1974, Hnnnnn would be 1973. I just got a Wx4... 1974 frameset, but condition is never going to be as nice as this one ... and parts are going to be VERY difficult to find ...

Actually, it's a 72...

Guess you didn't explore the photos link posted above; see second sentence within. It's a "G" which dates it to a '72. There have been a number of Raleighs with frame colors that don't jibe with the brochures/models. This frame was built in '72 but with a later 73-74 team paint job. I've spent some time researching the Raleighs of this era, starting with focus on the Worksop Professional series, inspired by my '74 Pro. Jumped to your velospace hoping to see some photos, even if just of the frame. As for the parts search, they actually are not that hard to source with some careful saved searches via eBay or even CL. You could probably source the entire build in a matter of weeks or months at most, although there's a good chance that cost is going to be more bothersome than time to locate. Look forward to seeing your completed Pro Track (or even the frame). It's a wonderful ride.

I know I'm guilty of having

I know I'm guilty of having deep vs and am probably the kind of guy you'd deem a hipster fixter etc...but I appreciate and respect the beauty of this classic, beautiful bike. the continuity of your build with european components really adds to the overall affect and the simplicity and lack of current-style "flashiness" is what makes this bike so beautiful. truly amazing, amazing job. I hope one day to have a bike in this vein. safe riding,


Thanks for the comments here. I actually think the Fixed Gear movement has done a great deal to promote love of the bicycle and get a huge faction interested in the beauty and essence of the bike. Of course, the movement has gotten so trendy, that it's hard to tell what's real and what isn't, then again, it's been the same way for many things. That being said, the track bike and fixed gear/single-speed ride is perhaps the most pure form of bike and I think the most beautiful, sans gears, cables, and other distractions. Well, let's not get too carried away....


I can see why you love this bike so much. The candy-apple red and contrasting colors look great together. How did the bike look when you got it? Did you have to touch up the paint? You must have been thrilled to find it after waiting so long. It looks flawless.

I had been looking

I had been looking for a 73-74 team colors Raleigh Pro Track for longer than I care to admit... This beast popped up and was actually in amazingly good shape, even though it could have been run with the other lot of 20-25 Raleigh Professional Tracks ordered by a shop in the Pacific Northwest for racing at Marymoor velodrome. Many are still in the area. Indeed, I think the largest collection of 73-74 team color Raleigh Professional Tracks ARE in the Northwest. Mine was found abandoned in a dorm in Eugene, OR minus the seat and pedals. The previous owner carted it around and it ended up in Idaho, hardly ridden from 89 on. I brought it to the East coast and it's been cherished ever since. It does have a few touch ups from the 89 and back owner(s). Viewed at 10 inches, you can see some spots, but it's in amazing shape, fully preserved from the day. I ride it every chance I get. Sadly, a spoke let go in the rear Ergal, and I almost folded the damn wheel (would have if not at start up). Amazingly, it's come out nicely with a complete rebuild with DT Comp 1.8/1.6/1.8 spokes. I now have another backup set of NOS Ergals and a Red Label (just in case) for the rear. As you know, I Love your bikes as well!


really, just wonderful

Thats the one.

This is my favorite frame ever. I have the same frame, wrong year '75. Its amazing the contrast from this to the red and yellow team paint job. That one is so classy and the team one looks like a commercial for communism. I admit I do kinda like that about it -its ugly and proud. Anyway, nice build, I'm doing the period correct italian build to mine too, for now its got my street set up on it though and it does ride so insanely nice. Seriously, I have been tempted to repaint mine and buy those decals for it but I feel wrong doing it. Maybe someday the original paint will be so bad that I feel justified in doing that -Sugary_Otis


Loved the comment, especially the classic line about the 75 team colors resembling a "commercial for communism" along with the "ugly and proud" follow-up. Heh...perfect. I hopped on your space and saw your ride and have to say you need to be PROUD of the McDonalds-esque tribute because it has a ton of character and is recognizable from two football fields by the right bunch. Seriously, it's an amazing bike, as you know, and I came oh so close to buying a Ti Team color Reynolds 753 frame. But glad I finally found this beast. You don't know how long I looked for this frame, waiting to find one in my size, akin to waiting for my tax refund but worse. They are as rare as hen's teeth and this happens to be the first and only one I've seen in PERSON...and AFTER I bought it from afar. I'm right with you on the ride as it's just superb. I have some fine road bikes and this has to be my favorite ride as it's so damn light yet still stiff, retaining great feel. I love this thing. Looking forward to seeing how your Pro Track turns out as it's a looker as well. Those colors grow on you, actually. But I have to admit, the 73-74 option is probably one of the all-time most classic looking, elegant track bikes, even if quite a few have no idea. Keep in touch.

Your right, the color is growing on me.

Hey thanks. I have already tracked down the rest of the Italian/Brit parts and they're on the way. Campy seatpost, pedals, brooks saddle and cinelli #14 drops (I'll have to refinish the drops, they're pretty bad. The stem is the last hold out, I have a sugino stem thats fluted on the sides, looks great but I am going to track down a 1A just to keep it legit. I really hope I don't have any problems like you did with my wheels. They're campy victory crono tubulars on 36 hole campy pista hubs JUST BUILT and all NOS. At 160 I usually don't have to worry about breaking stuff as long as I'm not abusing it. Anyway there really is something to feeling this old engineering beneath you, its like a living, breathing history lesson. Seriously, I think the Reynolds 531 has much to do with it. -Sugary_Otis-Sugary_Otis

Definitely my favorite....

The 1973 to 74 in red, white and touch of blue were definitely my favorite of the team colors. Absolutely the classiest of the bunch.

The 75 is nice as well but the 'Raleigh' logos are one to many which makes it look too busy (to much advertising) and the yellow font and paneling gets distracting.

If they had made one in my size I would of searched the world for it.

Thanks for keeping this one true and timeless.

Might know of one

Thanks for the comments on this beast. It's funny how the totally classic, vintage tracks with
insanely nice wheels/campy builds don't get as much attention as Deep V festooned samples
with less quality options. So goes it in the Fixed Gear World as we know it. On your end, I know
of a @53cm Pro Track in Northern CA. The guy has it in his attic and raced it quite a bit at Marymoor,
in Redmond, WA, way back when. Seems a local WA bike shop bought a handful of early Raleigh
Pro Tracks in anticipation of Marymoor. I believe my bike came from that same flock,
probably raced in Washington back in the days, now on the East Coast.
I would love to get this back on the track.

6ike6easts couldnt even hold

6ike6easts couldnt even hold a candle to this bike you probly like deep vs and aerspokes you fucking fakenger go buy yourself some neon parts made by soma you noobe this bike is worth more than your moms life

that is so correct it hurts

that is so correct it hurts me that bike is beutiful im glad you found the cinelli stem and bars and didnt just settle for the nitto shit good job man


I love that Cinelli stem and bar combo, too. Although I have nothing against Japanese track parts (indeed, they make some excellent frames), this bike is all British and Italian, with the chain being the last holdout.

you're a joke

this is the ugliest bike i've seen lately

officially stupid. this is

officially stupid. this is one of the nicest bikes on this site.


Pearls before swine...


loose chain


It's only mentioned twice in the notes and specs. Remember, reading is your friend. It's worn out with a few botched links, thus it BINDS unless a hint of slack, Jackalope. But as BOB says, Give me Slack, or kill me.

loose chain?

it doesn't look like a loose chain to me, maybe you updated the pictures

the chain is not supposed to be super tight

btw, IMO, you have 2 of the coolest bikes all time in your 70s raleigh pro road bike and this track bike. Another favorite of mine is an early 70s raleigh international.

Loose Nut

From his other posts, I believe Double 6's crashed his non-fixie frame by running his chain too loose, so he's trying to be helpful.

Was checking in to see how my old ride was doing. Sorry to hear a spoke went out on you, but sure glad the wheel didn't taco and you were able to save it. Much safer with the new DT DB's.

I sure miss that bike, but realize it's getting the love and use it deserves.

Ride on!


she is perfect

oh my!!!!

oh my!!!!


That's what I said when I took it for the inaugural spin... It's the lightest bike I own by a significant margin, as you would expect any track bike, but this thing is berserk with the Fiamme Ergals.

beautiful. you should leave

beautiful. you should leave that saddle. i love it.


That's my original Selle San Marco Concor Supercorsa Confort and an aesthetic favorite for sure. It's been on every bike I own at one time or another and I have to admit, it does look excellent on the Raleigh Pro Track. Was just after the Brooks Professional to get it back to original but it already has Cinelli bars/stem along with the uber-light Fiamme Ergals, both upgrades in my book, but not what came with the bike, so maybe it's not such a bad idea to stay. That black Concor takes turns on my De Rosa, however. Right now, I'm loving it on this beast as well.

You ate the apple?


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