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1980 Peugeot CFX-10 " Super Competition "

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1980 Peugeot CFX-10 Custom ( seat tube: 60cm c-t-t / top tube: 58cm c-t-c) Reynolds 531 DB (main, stays and forks)

Ambrosio Volte Campione Del Mondo ( 44cm ) and Cinelli X/A ( 115mm )

Reynolds 531 and Campagnolo Super Record

Campagnolo Super Record + Mavic MA40 ( 36h ) + DT Stainless Steel ( SG )

Campagnolo Super Record ( hub how-flange ) + Mavic MA40 ( 36h )

Campagnolo Super Record ( 42/52t ) + Phil Wood SS Sealed

Ideale 2002 Bernard Thevenet + Campagnolo Super Record (Sgl Bolt)

Campagnolo Super Record + Campagnolo Aluminum ( toe clips) + Regina Extra Hollow-Pin ( catena )

Regina CX Extra 13-26t

Personal Story: In 1980, I flew back to southern France to spend a summer with my Grandparents who lived in a little town called Pignan. For my 13th birthday, my grandfather (Jean Rouyer) drove me to visit my great-grandparents who lived in Marseilles. The following morning he mentioned that he had a surprise for me as we rode on a trolley into the heart of Marseilles where a small bicycle shop resided. The previous year in Oregon, I spent an entire summer working/saving for enough money to purchase a blue PKN10 competition, only to have it stolen the minute after I arrived home, ran inside to tell everyone what I just purchased, only to return to the front door to see it gone. So when my grandfather asked me which bicycle I wanted in that little French bike shop, I gingerly pointed to a beautiful white Peugeot frame hanging on the wall, thinking that he would say no since it looked too special for a 13yr old boy. To this day, it was the memory of my grandfather's graciousness and love for offering this gift to me that makes me tear up every time I look upon it. The bicycle is just another bicycle, but it represents a grandfather who's not just another grandfather, as he gave his heart in the form of a gift as the means of showing his love for a grandson. Now I have the privilege to pass this story along (in addition to the bicycle) to one of my loved ones. This CFX-10 was beautifully restored by Ed Litton cycles.


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Great bike!

Too nice for words!

Woof, woof!

Beautiful bike, I remember folks (of Thevenet's era) racing on the PX-10s and PY-10s.

Lovely restoration and a great story that adds life to the bike.

Thanks for sharing this.

Ashok Captain

Wow. Stunning bike!!!!

Wow. Stunning bike!!!!


Lovely bike and a beautiful memory.

Kindest regards
A grandfather

Beautiful Peugeot

I would have been an appreciative 13 yo kid 40 years ago if my grandfather would have laid that piece on me, God Bless Him . Maybe you can enlighten me a little.I've owned a 1980 PXN10E badged as a Super Competition also. I was almost certain the CFX had a completely chromed rear AND 531 Special Lightweight Tubing.
Does yours have Swiss BB threads?

The PY series ("prestige")

The PY series ("prestige") offered the 531SL tubing, though most of the PXN10 and CFX variations offered Reynolds standard d.b. 531 tubing, as is the case w/my bicycle. This one's a little unusual in that the rear triangle is fully chromed and the brazing/lug finish is extremely well done. The BB is 35x1 French, not Swiss threaded. The frame geometry is almost identical to my other Peugeot Super Competition "1979 PXN10LE" pearl blue, which I purchased a couple of years back (for one of my daughters). It differs too, in that the rear boots and front/lower fork blades are chromed + the lug work is not as clean. For comparisons, one of my late 60's Gitane professionals does have the 531SL tubing, though its seat tube ID is 26.6mm (due to the thinner gauge tubing) which one can easily tell by simply pressing the tubing firmly between my fingers (as it'll flex in, unlike its thicker gauged brethren) ... as both my Peugeots have a ID of 26.4mm.

"just another bicycle"

Honestly - this is NOT "just another bicycle"!
This is one of the most beautiful Peugeots, if not one of the most beautiful bikes I know.
The pearl-white/lots-of-chrome/black-rims combo is stunning. It must be even more appealing in person.

i have this same bike cept

wonderful story
i have this same bike cept without the campy stuff

R.I.P. our loving

R.I.P. our loving grandfathers

Beautiful bike

A beautiful story

A beautifully written story!
Very nice bike.
Vive le vélo!


i'm speechless.

great story

so glad the bike is still yours and still loved as much as the day you got it.

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