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Affinity Marta Numero II - Update

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Affinity Marta

Syntace Stratos - 80mm drop, Thomson.

Affinity, Crap Ritchey Logic.

Vuelta Pista

Open Pro 3x to Phil HF single fixed

Miche Primato - Dunno about the BB.

Rolls Due - Kalin 27.2 with cutouts.

POS Sylvans, Wipperman

TA Specialites/Surly. For now it's 50:17

Replacement to the destroyed black one.

Solid, solid frames. 20lbs currently. Want a Nimble Crosswind but that's too nice to put on a work bike. Looking for a 16/20 spoke road wheel to use on the front to make it 18lbs since the Arrospok is a lot of the weight (3.5lbs of it), frame itself isn't too heavy. Not a huge priority cause weight doesn't really matter on a street ride.

Clipless pedals and headset and I'll be pretty much done with this build.

Edit 1/12/09. This has got to be the SMOOTHEST, quietest drivetrain ever. I haven't cleaned this shit or anything since getting it in November '08. Even after a couple rain days its still pretty quiet. Was just a lil dry, but that's taken care of now.

This thing fucking goes! I really like this gear, I'd say it's perfect for the city and the majority of all riding but the top end for me is like 25mph, which is something like 120 rpm, I can only sustain that for so long so I think I'll be going back to 50:17 until I switch up the chainring/cogs for spring/summer. Knowing how to spin is great, but I prefer a larger gear/less rpms.

Love, love, love this bike.

2/17/09: Time ATAC are now on. First time rockin clipless, taking some getting used to but I'm already pretty sure for work and serious riding I will rock clipless. I need a new bottom bracket, the one I have in now is flexing like a mofo which doesn't make me happy since I'm 220lbs.

The Stratos are gonna have to be replaced since I've bent both sides now and don't wanna take any risks. Until I get used to clipless I'll be taking it easy with the riding hard. I want a Easton EC70 aero fork, so I can have more steerer tube room to flip the stem (0 degrees when flipped over) and add probably another 1/4in spacer.

3/6/09: FUCK SALT!

3/12/09: 50:15 is nice, really nice. Fast and not as difficult to stop as one would think. I prefer a lower cadence when working and riding on the street. Alleycats I'm gonna keep it to 50:17 for the acceleration. The top end is fine, but I'm just not comfortable spinning for long periods at 120+rpm.

4/22/09: Back to 50:17... spinning is nice. I need a god damned flip flop hub.

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did you jasco the fork?

did you jasco the fork? looks nice! im thinking about picking one of these frames up.

Sick ride, it looks great.

Sick ride, it looks great. Is that your house? Looks exactly like the houses at the end of my street in Brooklyn Heights.

Nah this was in the city,

Nah this was in the city, off of 5th ave at like 7th street or something. I live in Queens.



i want that fork! im

i want that fork! im jealous.

sup tbird. non jackass

sup tbird.
non jackass affinity crew whaddup?

jesus dude! did you just

jesus dude!

did you just feel like doling out your cheap hate today?

you say "fail" to my affinity, i say fail to your mom.


Excellent retaliation, 5

Excellent retaliation, 5 stars. The internet... don't take it up the butt.

It's an opinion. Get used to people having them. And yea, I think your bike looks retarded.

I definitely agree with your

I definitely agree with your feelings on the bike...I love mine. I think I saw you riding around prince/broadway the other day. I was bikeless. Nice build!

Br00t4l, I just dont like

Br00t4l, I just dont like the stem/bar angle.


did u polish that fork?


Affinity sold some frames with chromed forks in 2007. My previous Affinity was one of the last 2007 models with the 26.0 seat tube and one of the handful or so that came with a chromed fork. When I crashed that the fork was fine so I kept it.

It gets a lot of attention, oddly enough. I've had peopel say more than once "Is that a Colnago fork!?".

I might be selling it as I really want a bit more steerer tube (buy a stem that is level and add maybe a 1-2cm spacer) as well as a carbon aero/blade fork.

Queens?! Cool! Damn nice

Queens?! Cool! Damn nice Affinity.



very nice build! long live

very nice build! long live the heir-o! haha

the best things in life aren't things...


your front wheel weighs as much as your frame.


Arrospok jokes are tired.

Don't judge one until you use it. Its heavy, we know, big whoop. I've had it almost a year now, its seen the back of bumpers, huge potholes, a Chevy Tahoe's right rear wheel, chains, ulocks, kicks, tosses... you name it. Still straight as an arrow, no cracks. I'm happy with it. I'll sacrifice 1.5lbs for that kinda durability thats right, they are a whole WHOPPING 1.5 lbs heavier than an average 32/36h wheel, I don't find that to be a problem. I'm not doing any fucking hill climbs, cause that's where a super light bike/wheelset really comes in handy.

Like I said, weight doesn't matter on a street ride bro, get off the weight weenie wagon. Please.

The only reason wuchan came in and commented my bike because I called him out hating on another dudes bike, LOL.

I like my bike and my "heavy" kinda-aero-but-strong-cool-looking front wheel.


"its seen the back of bumpers"

protip: brakes

haha. i love how your

haha. i love how your telling this to a NYC messenger. he obviously knows how to handle his bike without brakes.


He obviously doesn't if he's crashed into the back of a car!


cars can pull more g's when braking than a cyclist w/ a front brake, especially because cars don't "endo." i've encountered this while riding in dense traffic--ie. cars stopping surprisingly quickly.

and your point being?

seriously, what is your point in that comment. yea im sure he knows this!!

nice bike!!


hella shim

Looks sinister. I love it

Looks sinister. I love it

Sick geo, the bars look like

Sick geo, the bars look like evil instruments of death,the Air-o-spok actually looks cool, and the seat is like a Laz-y-boy. Nice ride, one of my faves on the site.

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