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Aegis Victory - 2008 - 60CM

Bike tags: Road bike | aegis | Aegis Victory | Hi Modulous Carbon | victory
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Aegis Full Carbon 60CM Victory

Token Integrated Full Carbon

Reynolds OUZO Tri Fork and Token Ceramic Headset

Spinergy Stealth FCC PBO Full Carbon Red Spokes

Spinergy Stealth FCC PBO Full Carbon Red Spokes

SRAM Red Standard with SRAM Ceramic BB

Bontrager Race XXX Lite post with Selle SMP Avant

Speedplay Zero Stainless with Wipperman Stainless Steel Chain

SRAM Red / Sram Red

Zero Gravity / SRAM Red

11/28 SRAM Red Powerdome, Zero Gravity Gold Titanium Brakes, SRAM Red Front and Rear Derailleurs, Token QR

Here is one of my favorite bikes. Built like a tank for a big guy to ride all day without getting fatigued. I used to ride this one to town about 2-3 times a week and back when I go to the gym. What you see here weighs right about 17.5 - 18 pounds. This bike gets compliments for me wherever I go with it. It is just plain sharp. I love it. More folks need to support companies like Aegis with their hand built carbon frames that they put together in Maine, USA.

As of August 17th 2010 the bike has 3409 miles on it. I guess it's sort of hard to put LOTS of miles on a bike, when you ride 10 different ones! This is a 2008 Aegis.

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Hail Maine!

We do some things right in this crappy state!


is this bike for sale i would love to buy it looks very fast and neat this is my email [email protected]

I think this one's my favorite

How do you feel about the Sram compaired to shimano, since you have some of both on your bikes? My nice bike has dura ace and my normal bike has Rival. I tried to find someone to trade for a shimano group, and just when I found someone with a new 105 group I got soft and decided I wanted to keep the Rival. I know the shimano has smoother shifter, but I'm a small guy and like the smaller sram levers, even they they're wider. I think the shimano levers are way too long, too skinny, and too ugly. I didn't know Aegis was in Maine. I'm partial to cannondale's though, but I'm only 2 hours from Bedford, PA. I've gotta get some carbon bars for my six13 too.

Shimano VS SRAM

Well, I have to agree with you about looks. To me SRAM LOOKS a lot nicer than Dura Ace. However, when it comes to the actual workings, I myself have a hard time telling them apart with the type of riding I do. I know some folks say Dura Ace shifts smother than SRAM Red, but either I am not tuned into the difference or it just isn't so. I like the double tap style shifter better than the long lanky Dura Ace ones on my Madone. I guess a guy would really have to ride two bikes that had the two groups and decide for him/herself. I built the yellow Aegis first and used the Red Compact group on it and was extremely satisfied with the way it felt and worked so that prompted me to do SRAM Red on the Red Aegis too. I did use standard gearing on it though. Figured since I had two bikes I could decide which to ride for the occasion. I am going to put Dura Ace on the new Olympic Victory I obtained and I will be planning on selling that one unless Aegis works out a distributorship with me, then I will use it for a "demo" bike. Oh, and BTW...I work Ebay for the best deals I can find, so most of my "stuff" was less than half of retail. I am not rich by any stretch, and I drive old cars without payments and live in a modest older home.

None are more hopelessly enslaved, as those who falsely believe they are free.

Haha, I figured you were

Haha, I figured you were making big money. I've got a friend who takes care of me. 250 for the practically new six13 frame, 100 for the Rival group minus cranks, and 400 for the dura ace group. I got my caad5 frameset for 50 bucks and the truvativ cranks on it for another 5 at the lehigh velodrome swap. I'll have to find someone with a Sram Red group to let me try their bike so I can compair it to the dura ace, because I know the rival isn't the same level to compair, the shifts are a lot clunkier. I miss my old DA 9spd more than anything.

Just to give you and idea...

Here is one of the main cars I drive!

When I ride the Madone and then the Red Aegis Victory, there does seem to be a difference of shifting that I'd have to give to say is better with the DA group. BUT the way it shifts and how it looks is also a consideration. I have never had the Red group do anything strange except for on the Yellow Aegis bike. It has sucked the chain a couple of times or ran it off the crank while shifting. I may have some fine tuning to do there. Or I might have been peddling screwy. Sometimes I find myself not shifting the way your SUPPOSED to shift while peddling.

None are more hopelessly enslaved, as those who falsely believe they are free.

saddle pinched ?

saddle pinched ?

Saddle pinched?

No, I swapped the red one from the Madone, and then traded it back to the black one. The pictures were taken at different times. The MAIN one is the way it looks at this time.

None are more hopelessly enslaved, as those who falsely believe they are free.

damn hot!!

damn hot!!

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