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Colnago Super Track         Featured Bike! on 10/9/2012

Bike tags: Fixed gear | colnago
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Colnago Super Track Mexico 72

Cinelli Track Stem and Cinelli 65

Colnago Track and OMAS headset

Campy Record 36H laced to FIR Net97

Campy Record 36H single fixed laced to FIR Net97

Campy Record Pista Track w/ Campy AC-H 111mm BB

Selle Italia SLR and Campy Aero seatpost

Eggbeaters and SRAM PC-1

Campagnolo Steel 15T cog with Campy lockring

More photos here:

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i think i just...

nutted! this thing is beautiful. i hope to own a colnago track in the future

RE: Colnago Super Track

tough bike, looking great.


If I rode a bike in a dream, it would look like this one. But maybe with some polished rims. love it!

I don't know where this bike

I don't know where this bike is, but it looks strangely like the frame I raced on in the early 80's. I had my team, Medici bicycles paint it for me, and I couldn't find a yellow decal for the headtube, so I found a balck one, and had them slap it on. It will be easy to tell if it's my old frame by measuring the width of the bottom bracket. I cut it down from 70mm to 68mm, like an english BB. I was a kilo rider, and I wanted a narrower BB width. I rode a lot of Colnago's, and many, many other bikes, but THIS frame is the best one I EVER RODE! I describe it as being like being on rails.I rode it in many points races, and miss-and-outs, and it gave me confidence! I'll buy it back if I can!! I was stupid to sell it!

awesome possum

that deserves an awesome possum...

very nice

this is by far one of the nicest bikes i have seen. great work.


this bike has potential but you gotta get rid of those machined sidewall rims, not to mention red and blue in this combo just ain't poppin, might be the color of red, slightly to orange... Love the colnago.

north ave.

i miss riding that route. it's a beautiful city (and bike).

wicked photos

and an amazing bike. lovely

this is definetly one of the

this is definetly one of the most classic looking bikes i've seen on this site. the color combo is right on.

Your bike reminds me

Your bike reminds me of....well...mine


I saw this on Ebay

I have this exact model frame/fork. Same size and color even. I will eventually post pics. I don't think I could ever sell it. I certainly hope you find a worthy replacement. Good luck with the auction.

One of my fav's...

I drooled over this bike at BF a while back... and I believe you were considering selling it to fund another project? Well... *hint hint*

Sweet Ride!


Dude...I like it.

this bike is ungodly sexy

this bike is ungodly sexy


thats all...just damn.

primary colours

even i can see those. and those are what i would call the good kind of wheels, oh yeah.

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