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Obama bike

Bike tags: Fixed gear | change | Hope | Obama
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Dolan Frame Powder coated and customized

white risers


Obama logo'd rear disk

Made by Thunder Dog Studios
Not sure about the rest of the specs.
Found it online. Would appreciate if anyone knew.

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As Mr.Marsh says

As Mr.Marsh says ...OOOBAMAAA! :D

Obama bike

So, it costs 42 grand, replaces one that cost 21 grand, and our grandchildren will pay for it over 20 years so it really costs them 142 grand

Great bike.

go socialism , go idiodic

go socialism , go idiodic trust in politicians , HOPE , CHANGE , YES WE CAN and all that bs , I dont care that he is obama but its like every other ever expanding power facet of government and that is just getting worse and worse and more constricting on the population in which it is "deemed" to serve ......
but the best part about it is that most of the fucking idiots wont wake the fuck up until the machine is knocking on the door , herding them like cattle into the cargo container for the labor camp , zyklon b here you come ;) PEASE lURV and CHIKUN GREEZE

no really its ok to have your thought pattern shaped and molded into someone else's ideals , this is one reason that mechanical corporate lobbying will never stop , the sheeple dont even know what is going on unless cnn tells them

fat of the land.......

dont get me wrong , george bush rides a mountain bike and frankly im ashamed to share the sport with that sack of shit
create a problem to offer a solution ;)

Hola !

Hola, Obama Bin Bike, of film this bike, "Sweet dreams in the Road", ZZZ-ZZZ-zzz-zzz... Bay Friend.

That thing is

an Obamination!

Barrack Brobama

Barrack Brobama


yeenknow SICK.

Awesome!!!!!!!!! Best fixie

Awesome!!!!!!!!! Best fixie evar!!


'84 Ciocc Designer resto-mod Dura-Ace / Ultegra 9-speed conversion
'76 Schwinn Superior super-rare holy grail of fillet-brazed goodness
'05 Schwinn Spoiler 3-speed suicide shift

...and a Ford Probe



im diggin that rear graphic

im diggin that rear graphic wheel!

Once you go Barak you never

Once you go Barak you never go back!

maybe someone could do a

maybe someone could do a photoshop of Obama on it


You need to come out here and shoot that bike in front of the right skyline, Chi-Town. Good work

I appreciate the work gone

I appreciate the work gone into creating this bike, as well as the motivation and purpose...but it's not my taste; although the Dolan frame was a great choice. For my first participation in a presidential election, I have to say all of the band wagon hype and advertising, tainted the process a bit, for me anyways. I'm not saying campaigns have ever been all that noble, (of course I still voted)but I found things to be over the top even before the primaries began. One could argue, the landscape of our generation sculpted most of the inclusion of these mediums, but what does president Obama have to do with a fixed gear bike? I'm familiar with the proactive initiative Thunderdog took for the past election and I think that's great, but again the Obamabike is not to my liking.

what did you think was going

what did you think was going to happen ?.........
ever watch 'idiocracy' ?

go america dumbass...

yeah seriously, you can't

yeah seriously, you can't throw a stick without hitting some sort of obama propaganda

Boston Obama bike

Totally different bike, same concept.


'bama bike

Nice bike, hope it all works out.


: )

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