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Sticker Bike

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Single speed | Track bike | Commuter | Oakland
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yadda yadaa

same bike, updated a bit... and by updated I mean more stickers.

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love your ride man. What frame is that? An Angus? Mark V Pro? It doesn't have the bottle mounts, which I totally envy.

yeah man

bottle mounts are for the weak. They totally impair a bike's ability to look cool while you aren't riding it.

I have no use for them. I'm

I have no use for them. I'm not going to go for a 30 mile ride in the country where I can't stop for a drink. They are useless. And, yes, aesthetically, they are not pleasing. So why would I want them? Take your sarcasm to tarckbike. They love it there.


I think I just died! How the HED Tubular vs. Clincher?


how to you like the hed?


i'm gonna have to copy your shimano sticker man..

sticker copy

copy away!!. i saw a bike with stickers on the cranks and thought it looked super tough, might have to put some on mine. I also need to sticker-ize the stays and fork..... thanks for the comment.


I love your bike. When I see a Stickered cannondale track I'd love that but this bike. It stands out, outta other stickered bikes

Single Speed Fun

that bike is absolutly bad ass. i think i might match the front wheel to the back, but that is just my symetrical brain........i want one just like it!


i do have a mavic ellipse front that basically matches the rear deep-v that i run 80% of the time, just had the hed3 for this particular photo.

i neeeeeeeeeeed

that shimano sticker!

I actually like the

I actually like the stickers!

me too. this thing is almost

me too. this thing is almost a motorcycle with all those graphics.

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