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Levant NJS

Bike tags: Track bike | keirin | Levant | njs | speeed
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Levant NJS 52.5

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Dura Ace 36H Laced with Hoshi Spokes to Araya Gold, Tire Replaced with some cheap Vittoria Rally's

Dura Ace 36H Laced with Hoshi Spokes to Araya Gold, Tire Replaced with some cheap Vittoria Rally's

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nice build !


Nice! your Levant is looking clean my friend. i see you have a keirin front brake kit going on, very cool. do you like the brake line being like that? long and high and does it get in the way of your vision when your down that low?. have you ever thought of maybe putting the lever on top by the stem and having a shorter brake line? or is it meant to be like that so when your in a tuck position--- it would be a easier reach with minimal movement?
i almost bought one for my Makino, but a friend gave me one and i plan on using it on my pursuit. for those lazy days of summer rides.

Thanks Ariel.. appreciate

Thanks Ariel.. appreciate this very much from a guy with such a good taste!

I hate that brake.. while it WOULD brake very good, it does ruin the bikes look..
It may sound silly but I have this brake mainly for the cops over here, you get a fine of 0 for every brake you lack here in switzerland.. this doesn't happen very often but still the levant is my go-everywhere bicycle and with that striking brake cable over the top they don't notice the lacking rear.

But you're right a shorter lever would actually look way better!

I need to update those pics anyway, the stem is no way like I actually ride it. This looks silly!


san marco rolls?



don't get me wrong..i like

don't get me wrong..i like the rolls...

but not on that beauty..

so what would you use then?

so what would you use then?

a rad banana seat! no maybe

a rad banana seat!

no maybe like a black kashimax aero

I mean either way the bike looks great..its only my opinion, not my bike :)

Haha yeah go for banana. I

Haha yeah go for banana.

I just don't really get that aero look on steel bikes..
I mean no other part on it is aero, and that rolls give it a classy look
the only other saddle i'd consider would be a regal!

Thank you!

Regal would be choice

on this. I could see a flite there too but not as much.
First time I see this schema on a levant. Love the stripe. The gumwalls really bring it together. Superbe hubs would add to that too, but it might be too much at that point now that I consider it. And anyway whats the point, DA's are boss. I like!


Looks great, man!
When I first saw the brake, I didn't notice the clamps and thought you had drilled the fork and I became very distressed hahaha.

I'm saving up so dough now to get started on my own njs build, I hope it comes out as well as yours.

Thanks! It's very easy to


It's very easy to build a good looking NJS Bike, just use certified products and get a decent frame and you're already set..

wow great build

wow great build Alessandro!!
A really nice paint/decal job on this Levant...


Thanks Rene

It's one of the most beautiful frames I happend to find (and luckily get) on the 'net.

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