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Masi Speciale Fixed         Featured Bike! on 02/8/2011

Bike tags: Fixed gear | cane creek | deda | hed | hed3 | more tags >>
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Masi Speciale Fixed

Syntace Stratos or deda pista with s-works stem

masi fork with cane creek 110 headset

hed 3 with ceramics

black deep v to phil with bladed spokes and now blue nipples

truvativ ominums with ceramic BB

specialized toupe sl with thomson elite

dura ace clipless pedals and miche track chain

48x15 dura ace cog and phil lockring

frame stripped then powdercoated clear.
real cyclists run clipless!

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i think this bike is

i think this bike is awesome.
it actually inspired me to get the same frame and build it up nicely.
great build!

time for a bigger frame.

time for a bigger frame. nice job otherwise

Very nice!!

I love what you've done with it!!! Looks fast!!!

I like the stripped frame!

Looks clean. I have the Speciale LTD too, and I am thinking about how to clean up the look as there's a bit too much going on.

Your bike looks good, I love the H3 up front with black rim on the back.


nice build man, lovin the new h3 and thomson. seatpost is a little high for my taste, but if thats comfy for you, thats whats up. just keep pedaling man, soon all these hipsters will fall off this trend and leave us cyclist to ride in peace again

Finally, an answer to the critical question:

Does the blue of Surly's seatpost clamps match the blue of any threadless headset? Our survey says: Yes! Or close enough, anyway.

Nice build, not a huge fan

Nice build, not a huge fan of the decals but am one of the wheel. You are riding your seat post pretty high, is the frame a tad small for you? I'm just saying cuz to me it looks awkward. Other than that, its cool.

As far as riding clip less, Its a matter of rider opinion. I ride in the city and its safety to ride with clips and cages, but i know a few who dont, Im faster with mines on.

Real Riders Ride, No matter what type of Pedals.


Very good looking bike! nice geometry, parts, colours! The HED3 looks really badass with the decals :D

lets ride!

what part of the hills are you in?
I've been looking for someone to ride with.

real cyclist ride with clips

real cyclist ride with clips weekend warriors ride clipless but who really cares nice 0 front wheel on a 0 frame now thats a real cyclist ,dumbass

learn how to use clipless

learn how to use clipless and you won't sound like a retard. I can be out of mine faster than you can get out of toeclips. It all depends on how tight you have them set and how you mount the cleats on your shoes.


+1 on shoes... as far as brakeless, in a city. panic stops basically means crash.

nice setup for making left turns on that open, banked oval; none-the-less...

nice ride

sweet bike, how does riding clipless feel?

id been riding clipless for

id been riding clipless for a long time on my road and tri bikes before i made the jump on my fixed gear. ive had no trouble stopping or on rare occasions skidding with them.

All of this hating is really

All of this hating is really not called for. What a bunch of insecure, self righteous girls.

Ok, look everyone HATING,,,

Im really getting sick and tired of everyone hating on peoples bikes, why cant you just appreciate the fact that people are just riding bikes instead of doing something else. People riding bikes is only going to help. And here you are bringing them down because of the way the dress their bikes up??? Well they dress them up the way that they do because it is an expression of them, it shouldnt matter what type of person they are either!!!

And this goes out to the haters who dont even have bikes posted, you dont even really have a reason to rant and rave about bikes in a bad way, you dont even have your own bike on here, are you ashamed of your own? Or just afraid of what people will say about it?

Me personally, I dont care what people say about my bikes, their my bikes, I can do whatever I want to them, and the same goes for everyone else, they can do whatever they want to them.

Im sure Im going to get alot of hate about this, but I dont really care, that is if anyone actually takes the time to read this.

Thanks and have a nice day!!!

Hey SMIFF, you can delete this if you want, but prefer you to keep it up, thanks!! CHEERS

i'm sorry but

everything about this bike makes me cringe. it is essentially everything i hate about bullshit fixed gear "culture". shitty piece of shit frame with overpriced dingleberries attached to it. i'm sure when you ride around on those cane creek wheels you feel increased torque due to the reverse spokes...blah blah blah. YOU PAID TO HAVE THIS FRAME REPAINTED.

you know what? i'm just going to hang myself.

I do kinda agree wit him.

I do kinda agree wit him. People dump waaaaaaaaay too much money into pake, fuji, bianchi builds. Crap frames deserve crap parts. Another thing...... Aerospokes make me want to puke.

Maybe you should.. and give

Maybe you should.. and give us all a rest.

^what a loser

the dude who posted the above crap is an uptight prick who cowardly posts on here with no bike of his own.


I agree.. they shouldn't let douchebags like him in here. No posting unless you put up your own bikes.


I'd say the worst thing about the fixed gear culture is all the assholes sitting behind their computers posting negative comments on other peoples bikes!

real cyclists run clipless

i think i just threw up in my mouth a little...


is sick. i just added you to
my cluster, check it out.


If your running fixed, why have a front wheel that has a machined brake surface?


thats how hed3 come dum ass
unless u get the carbon rim but thats inly in a tubular version

and dude i like ur bike looks pretty clean
when did hed start making those logos

hed decals

thats the 09 versions "new look"

real cyclists?

must be lots of fake cyclists on here

Also "real" track bikes are

Also "real" track bikes are not drilled @ the fork & seat stay for brakes


Ever heard of a cannondale track? You fail.

when did i say this was a

when did i say this was a real track bike?
and that front wheel has a machined brake surface on the clincher version, nothing i could do about that.

Yeah there is something you

Yeah there is something you could have done about that, and that was buy a different wheel, genius. Maybe one that matches the rear wheel and isn't a waste of money.


Maybe he'll want to run a brake some day genius.

God, some of these people need to get off the internet and ride. So much hate b/c of a machined side wall, it's a sad day.

i actually didnt buy that

i actually didnt buy that wheel specifically for that bike, dumbass. I bought it for my TT bike, but thanks for your suggestions.

TT bike?

yo tite bike you should post some pics of your TT bike too, when are we gonna see em?

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