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Event Horizon Time Traveller

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2006 Jamis Trilogy TT

Profile Design Carbon T2 44cm Bullhorns and Thomson Elite X4 110mm Stem

Easton EC90 Carbon Aero Fork and Cane Creek IS2 Headset

HED Carbon Trispoke with Continental GP4000 700x23c Tire

X-LAB Carbon Disc with Bontrager Race X Lite 700x23c Tire

SRAM Force Cranks and SRAM GXP Team Bottom Bracket

Bontrager Race X Lite CRZ+ Carbon Seat and Jamis Carbon TT Post

VP Pedals and SRAM Chain

SRAM Force Rear Derailleur, SRAM Red Shifter, Sugino Messenger 48t Front Chainring, SRAM Rival 11-25t Cassette

Also has a Shimano Ultegra front brake and a Profile Design carbon brake lever to round it all out. This bike started as another 9-speed bike, went to single speed, had some mix of problems with Mavic Kysriums and Aerospokes and HED until I settled finally with these two wheels. I wanted to simplify my bike, get rid of adjustments and wires, but then the single just couldn't go as far as fast as a bike with gears, so 10-speed it is. I think it ended up around 16.5 pounds... not so bad I guess. This bike goes so fast some times it makes me think that I should be wearing my motorcycle gear while riding it in case I fall off, but oh well... such is life. Oh yea and occasionally it travels time cause it goes so fast and I meet dinosaurs while I'm riding.

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Platform pedals on this

Platform pedals on this bike...... MAJOR fail.

Changing over to clipless pedals so you have a full circle pedal stroke and can pull up with the back leg.... will give you 10000x more speed than riding around your neighborhood with a fucking disc wheel and Hed3.


I think a better idea would be to remove the front brake. Fuck it you know. the bike would look way better with out brakes.

he would look good


Bike looks nice! What did

Bike looks nice! What did you do to get the red lining on your front HED?

dude =(

u must have a lot of money to waist
u have such nice wheels and suck a nice frame and then u go and ruin it with sugino messenger chainring and crappy components. I am so speechless. why would u even have a freewheel bike with only a front brake.
seems ur trying a lil bit to hard to be a track bike racer
my advice is to sell the tt bike and man it up and ride a fixed gear

ps. go eat ur own small dry boner u fuckin creeper

wheels half price, frame

wheels half price, frame 1/3rd price, components all half price... that's how. this bike was put together on all deals. and Sugino Messenger is the only chainring that comes in 3/32nds without shift bumpers and more than like 42t. If you weren't a fuckin moron you would have learned that through reading of this thing we have called the internet. only a front brake because its all that is needed and keeps things looking simple and sexy.

my advice to you... is stop being a sad emo fixie rider.

my advice to u

is to stop being a lil baby back bitch
and even though u say everything was half off it probably wasnt but even if it was that still herra bank

"wahhh wahhh wahhh... i'm

"wahhh wahhh wahhh... i'm poor and hate people with nice things"

"wahhh wahhh wahhh... i'm sad and emo and i like tight jeans and messenger bags because they make me feel unique like all other fixie hipsters"

"i'm west coast sad and i lash out on the internet to feel better about myself and my cheap piece of crap bike"

sum you up yet?

Funniest ever. Killer ride,

Funniest ever. Killer ride, HED3s are always a good choice in the aero department

fuck the haterz. i think

fuck the haterz.

i think it's sick. it's gotta be fast, just hope it doesn't break on you.

i feel like it might break.


I hope you made this to get a reaction out of people...because im speechless at how ridiculous this bike is, but I guess that is a word you used to discribe yourself. At least put a rear brake on. Well I did get a laugh out of it. :) my god I just noticed the platform pedals...

i have a bigger boner than you

don't be jealous. its ok. how bout no rear brake and how bout platform pedals are the best and how bout eat a fat juicy boner. i made this because i heard velospace gets you buck naked hunnies and i need a plethora of thems. my god...


this bike is the bike the terminator would ride if he liked spandex instead of leather, cause its from the space future. I heard one time this thing opened a rift in the time space continuum and all these people died and some went to the future and some went to the time and place where mc donalds first opened.. The people who went to the past ate a hamburger and were like holy shit thats amazing. Just like this bike



This is the best post on all

This is the best post on all of Velospace.

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