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*HELLO KITTY* Track Bike

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Crappy Scattante SSR Frame powdercoated white

Soma 456 Steel Track Bar (Blue Paul Comp E-lever) and Profile Design stem

Stock chrome fork, Chris King Pretty and Pink Headset

Hed Jet Carbon Fiber wheel w/ Vittoria White Zaffiro ProTire

Pink Velocity Deep V, Phil Wood Spokes, White Formula Hub, Vittoria White Zaffiro Pro Tire

Pink Sugino RD Messenger Crank w/ Sugino RD BB

Oak Park Bike Kitchen Treasures

replaced Silver MKS Sylvan Track pedals with Pink Soma Hellyer Track Pedals, Pink KMC chain

16 tooth Miche 1/8" Cog, Dura Ace NJS lockring

Built this from the ground up and poured my heart and soul into it.
Made the finishing details myself:
-hello kitty top tube pad constructed from a pake one
-rechained my bracelet through top tube pad w/lock to make an anti theft device.
-rhinestone hello kitty on steer tube
-drilled in hello kitty emblem on the seat
-glued on hello kitty on rear brake mount
-made spokecards

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if I was single I would ask you out. suuuch a cool build. and I have to say, maybe all these people using "gay" as a derogatory slur actually have a point. i bet a gay cyclist would get a kick out of this bike, heck i think anyone would get a kick out of it.


more money than taste

Those handlebars look bigger

Those handlebars look bigger than the bike



looooooooove it.

looooooooove it.

this bike disgusts me.

this bike disgusts me.


marry me


haha, i'm flattered, but i don't know you. :]


way too cool!

:] thanks!

really appreciate it.

I wish the bike I built for

I wish the bike I built for my girlfriend had come out this well...

how did the bike your built

how did the bike your built for your gf turn out?
i'd like to take a look at it myself, i'm sure it's cute.
anyways, thanks for the great feedback!


it's not bad. i like the seat!


all of your bikes are so freakin gnarly.
great job!

Really appreciate the

Really appreciate the positive feedback. MEOW!


that hed jet looks cute haha

thanks love!

thanks love!


WOW! What a wicked cute bike. Shes sweet. gotta love it!

: )


this bike is sooo fucking

this bike is sooo fucking cute! where did you find that top tube protector? From The Savintor


i bought a pink pake top tube protector and sewed/made the rest myself. : )

scattante frame

how is it? how does it ride?
the hk on the headtube looks good. props!

the frame rides alright.. i

the frame rides alright.. i really don't like how the top tube slants but other than that; rides pretty smooth. thanks
: )

the frame rides alright.. i

the frame rides alright.. i really don't like how the top tube slants but other than that; rides pretty smooth. thanks
: )

i would

yeh id date that


huh? you'd date what?

i would

yeh id date that

i would

yeh id date that


OH SHIT, THAT'S SIIIICK. I love hello kitty :)

thanks much!

i do too. : )

Oh man, that a real good

Oh man, that a real good one!


my girlfriend would flip her lid if she had this bike

thank you greatly. meow!

thank you greatly.

if this bike was a living, breathing child...

it would force christians to reevalute their stance on abortion.


good thing I'm rubber and you're glue and everything you say bounces of me and goes back to you! haha

haha but seriously, christians should really rethink that whole prolife thing.

me: holding cup of hot coffee

you: what time is is?
me: spills coffee in my lap





Hey Jenn : )

meow. !

meow. !


hello there. I didn't get to say hi at cm but I did see you. Good times, I just wish we could have picked up the pace a little.


we were going pretty slow.

cupcake dealer???

must be, to have money for all those parts...
what, no pink carbon rims???


did someone say pink carbon rim?? where?! i want!
i don't deal them, i save them cupcakes for myself.
the carbon wheel i got for cheap on craigslist.
everything else was mildly expensive.

this is just cute.not badass

this is just cute.not badass but cute
i like it but i would love it if it didnt have breaks.
cute though.

thanks : ) i never said my

thanks : )
i never said my bike was badass though.
i agree, I like how clean bikes look sans brakes...
but i still enjoy stopping faster than skidding.


The bike is dope. I just got my girl the same frame and i cant wait to see what she does to hook it up.

People hate on no matter what. I ride leader track frames and people are on my nuts no matter i got another leader frame and its gonna be even sicker then those conversion shits.

Again dope ish.. keep it up.

thanks! ^_^

thanks! ^_^


Nice bike jenn. You have to post it in the forum too!!



Nice bike. . .

Too bad it seems to attract crude minded individuals that have to make jokes at others expenses. I hope the world burns in 2012 and everyone explodes in flaming bits of flesh and bone.


ha, nice bike i think ive seen you around town. we should ride!

thanks : )

you live in sac?

is the rider

as cute as the bike? (hoping its a girl) teahee


silly boys, this is velospace not myspace.
But thanks for the compliment on my bike!
Meow! ^_^

fuck the haters

ur bike is hella sick


thanks ^_^


the comments on this bike have made me laugh [out loud] thanks. with out a doubt in relation to the original meaning of the word [] this is the gayest bike i've ever seen. but i wouldn't call it 'queer' but then i wouldn't call a gay 'queer' either.

: )

Exactly. Good to here it in a positive way.


Did you Bedazzle your headtube? I love this bike!


thanks. i had a rhinestone sticky of her.

that'd be awesome if you

that'd be awesome if you just had single rhinestones and made them in the face of the "cat" or whatever, but i don't doubt that you can't with all the creativity that was put into this bike! sell me that hed! =)

thanks for hte compliment. Meow!

I like your idea of using just one big rhinestone for the head of hello kitty,
unfortunately since the steer tube is curved, it'd be hard to make that stick unless it was like a stretchy-curved rhinestone. It'd look really cute though on something flat!

..and as for the hed, I plan on using it for awhile since I just built up this bike fairly recently but when I get tired of it, I'll send you a message.

i meant little rhinestones,

i meant little rhinestones, ah whatever, cute bike!

This is adorable

This is adorable

: )

thank you

Sweet ride...

...I'm not too into Hello Kitty myself, but I must say, you got creative and put in a lot of work. Good for you. I remember talking to you one time about getting pink deep-v's. I see you sprung for one at least. I should be back in town in about a month. Hopefully I'll see you and your bike then (sadly mine will still be up here).


Very cute! As mentioned, I too love the spoky-dokes on the Hed.

Very nice!

I threw a hello kitty race about a month ago, and this bike made my day!

gay. hows the foot

gay. hows the foot tinkerbell?

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