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gan well pro

Bike tags: Fixed gear | NaCl | Salt Mine
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57.5 Gan Well Pro

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Gan Well Pro Hatta Swan Deluxe

Dura Ace x Hoshi x Araya Gold

Dura Ace x Hoshi x Araya Gold

Sugino 75 Hatta Swan Deluxe

Kashimax 5 gold Nitto Jaguar

MKS Royal Nuevo Izumi V

48tx15 EAI superstar cog

Andre Dugast Tubulars - MKS Clips - Toshi Straps - Champ Grips
kashimax 5 gold top tube protector - MKS Chain Tensioners
Greensboro, N.C.
photo by joshua hoffman

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you're in greensboro?

... me too. where are you riding this masterpiece in Greensboro where I'm not seeing it... this is a beautiful bike captured by beautiful photography. well done

daaaaaaaammmmmmn. damn.

daaaaaaaammmmmmn. damn.

I think the dick mesuring

I think the dick mesuring contest is on another website!


dammit i had my micrometer out and everything.

OK kiddies, THIS is what a true *fixie* is.

Unless you’ve got one this good, you’re just a WANT-TO-BE/ME-TOO type of person who did nothing more than SCREW UP yet another road bike frame, you bunch of low-life’s!

THIS is how it’s done right, THIS is perfection….!

Now go do it right please.

I don't think this fits you.

I don't think this fits you. You should give it to me.

So clean.

So clean.


150% jealous. this is beyond words.



must have

side shots of this thing!



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