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Cinelli Vigorelli 2007

Bike tags: Fixed gear
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Cinelli Vigorelli 2007 54cm

Deda Pista bars and Deda Pista stem

Ambrosio Pista

Ambrosio Pista and Ambrosio disc (repainted)

Truvativ Omnium

Selle Italia seat with Cinelli seatpost


I just built this up to run around the local velodrome here in Houston. The bike rides sooooooo nice. I really wanted to deck it out with a Campagnolo group but I started running low on $$$. The Truvativ cranks and BB feel solid and light. The Ambrosio wheels are smooth and stiff. I will swap out the bar and stem when the new Cinelli Pista bar and stem come out next year... I just got my hands an Ambrosio Roulette disk and I plan on converting it for the track. Ill post some more picks after I get it converted...UPDATE: I finished converting the disk and I decided to to give it a paint job with Cinelli graphics. It took a while to mask off all the lettering but it was worth it. I used a can of white and black Krylon spray paint for the disk with blue painters tape to mask off the graphics...

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The coolest vigorelli I have ever seen.

Good job, man!
I'm glad to see someone actually use one of these things on a track!

I'm thinking about building one up to take left turns, too.

The disk is super damn cool.

The disk is super damn cool.

hopefully i'll see this bike

hopefully i'll see this bike at alkek.

I took it out to the track

I took it out to the track last week for the first time and tried it out. It rode sweet!

it's refreshing to see a

it's refreshing to see a vigorelli built for the track. this is one of the few that i can actually say i like.

Totally agreed. I was

Totally agreed. I was expecting some hypebeast creation and I was pleasantly surprised.



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