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Alien Track Bike

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Alien Track Frame 59cm Fire Red

Nitto bullhorns, Velo-orange stem and quill adapter with Paul e-lever


Alien silver deep rim and Whiteout Vittoria's

Alien silver deep rim and Soma Everwear's

Soma Hellyer and Sugino

Velo Orange and rockwerks

MKS Track, plastic cages, and Soma double's

16t E.A.I.

Too fast for me. Thanks to Joseph at Alien bikes for the help and LongBeachFixedGear for getting her ready to ride. (Long Beach Fixed Gear)

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Cool Picture

Cool Picture and the description is nice too. An overview kind of description about frames and other things but a little more details would have been better.

brake kits

I love my alien

but HOW and WHY did you drill the fork for a brake..

and does it cause flex in the fork while you're peddling? theres like no room for a brake on my fork. I wouldn't do it if I had to it so clean without. Anyway I'm glad to see more ppl ride Aliens tho.

Thats good news

Aliens are Rad. I knew I was going to rock a front brake, but if I where to do it over again, I would have got a keirin brake kit, that way I could take the brake off after a while and have a clean fork, no holes or scratches.

There is no noticeable flex, the holes are pretty small. The clearance is tight, you've seen the article on (had them drill it). It works great, but I'm sad if I take the brake off it will show the scratched brake hole... and that I might die, cuz I'm a poser..

how's the toe overlap on

how's the toe overlap on aliens? I've heard it's pretty severe.

It is..

Toe overlap is big on this guy, but mostly notable on slow turns and track standing. After a week or so of riding, I got used to timing the wheel turn so your toes don't hit it. I've heard another rider say "toe up or toe down" so he doesn't hit it on trackstands and slow turns.

You're right

You're absolutely right. I switched it around when I got home from that ride.


your seat post is on back wards


hey pm me, I live in LB and also have an Alien.. I saw it at LBFG and was checkng it out. lets cruise sometime

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