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LEVEL Professional Keirin

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LEVEL "Professional" 50cm c-c, 52.5 t-t (NJS)

Nitto B125AA 39cm (NJS), Nitto Jaguar Professional forged cromoly stem. 10cm x 58* (NJS)

LEVEL (NJS), Hatta Super Swan Deluxe (NJS)

Dura Ace 7600 high flange hub (NJS) laced 4x to Mavic GL330, Hoshi spokes (NJS)

Dura Ace 7600 fixed/fixed high flange hub (NJS) laced 4x to Mavic GL330, Asahi spokes (NJS)

NOS Dura Ace 7600 165mm (NJS) crank arms, 50T Sugino GiGas chainring (NJS), Hatta R9400 (NJS)

NOS Koga Miyata, NOS Sugino Mighty 26.8mm (NJS)

Time ATAC XS Carbon, Izumi V (NJS)

Phil Wood 18T, Suntour Lockring (NJS)

- MKS 8mm external bolt chain tensioners (NJS)
- Soyo Long Grips
- Kashimax FiveGold top tube protector
- 22mm Continental Competition w/ Vectran tubular tires

This frameset was built in 1997 by Sumio Matsuda. Matsuda has been the president of the Keirin Framebuilder's Association for quite some time. Matsuda joined Matsuda bicycle factory in 1968, began building competition track frames in 1975, and received NJS endorsement in 1980. The frames produced by Matsuda Bicycle initially branded "La Velo," but this was changed to "LEVEL" shortly thereafter. The factory is based in Tokyo, and has recently been relocated to the Arakawa-Ku ward.

The frameset is constructed of various types of Ishitawa/Kaisei and Tange tubing, joined by Long Shen Long Point lugs, and Shimano UFP-9 fork ends. The paint is gloss cherry red, with white lettering and gold accents. The "Professional" model is the highest end Keirin frameset that Matsuda produces. It is my understanding that LEVEL framesets have changed very little in appearance over the years. The simple and somewhat demure appearance is matched with the absolute highest caliber of construction and finish. Each LEVEL is designed specifically for the rider and the events and tracks being raced, and as such can not be limited to a single tubeset. The current base price for a frame and fork is 136,500 JPY, or about ,166.71 (headset and bottom bracket not included).

I purchased this frame in September of 2006 and began selecting parts shortly thereafter. The frame has a true 26.8 mm seat tube, which I am told is exceptionally rare. 26.8 seatposts are generally intended to be used with deformed seat tubes. This has something to do with the orientation of the butting on the seat tube, with the intent of adding stiffness for hard sprints. The fork blades are round, rendering them laterally stiffer than a ovalized or aero shape. This design is intended for hard, out of the saddle sprints. The wheelset once belonged to a Keirin racer, who used them for training for two seasons. The entire bike, including all parts and accessories is 16.8 lbs/7.62 kg.

This setup has proved to be incredibly agile and stiff. My original intent was to dedicate this to training for and racing on the track. However, it is on a completely different level than any bike I've had the pleasure of riding, in terms of performance and handling. In the end, it took me the better part of 3 months to gather all of the parts, many many hours of overhauling bearings and assembling, and a decent amount of money. It was absolutely worth everything I put into it, and I couldn't be happier about how it turned out.

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reminds me of santa, I love

reminds me of santa, I love it. looks good with the snow backdrop too

This is one cool bike!!!!

This is one cool bike!!!!


Thanks for posting all that info on LEVELs. I agree about the ride. It is totally amazing but I had little to no info on the frame.

just my size ....hhhhhmmmmm.

better lock it up!
but really, sweet!
I'm a huge fan of the LeveL.
very classy won't change a thing.
but confused on the cog gearing is one street and on track?


yes, 52x18 on the street, 52x16 on the track - but this will change soon

That red is perfect.

That red is perfect.



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