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Nitto Jaguar NJS steel stem Nitto B123A NJS aluminum bars

Hatta Swan Super Deluxe NJS headset

Record Premiere rim Shimano 7600 Hi-Flange hub

Record Premiere rim Shimano 7600 Hi-Flange hub

Sugino Super Mighty NJS 167.5 Sugino 75 NJS BB

Nitto Jaguar NJS seatpost Brooks Team Professional saddle

Suntour Superbe Pro NJS pedals Izumi ESH NJS chain

18 tooth EAI cog 49x18

If anybody knows anything about this frame or the builder please leave me a comment. Thanks!

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I just got a levant exactly

I just got a levant exactly the same but in acid yellow

does anyone know if you can get the same decals anywhere? as one of mine was damaged quite badly

i tried checking about in osaka ...but no luck


I would imagine you can only get replacement decals from the builder, Mr. Higashikawa.

Here is his studio address:
Kawachi-nagano, Osaka

Thanks so much!.. hope they

Thanks so much!..

hope they have them



world champ decals

those decals are rad.

Frame Builder

So I was looking to pick up this frame myself--or one in not such nice shape--recently and found out that they are made outta Osaka by a certain Mr.Higashikawa, a well respected keirin master frame builder. Good pick up--bike is beautiful.

suck it up

and slam that stem as far down as you can get it

Nice Wheels!

Nice wheels man. They compliment the frame lovely! By the way, where did you get them? or better yet, where can I view them on line? I tried googling Record Premiere Rim and nothing came up? Are they custom made?
please reply,
P.S. again, Nice Friggin' track bike...


I may be stating the obvious, but the Levant frames are made in Osaka, and have a number of Keirin riders winning on them.

web info?

I just looked up Levant on google and found nothing; maybe I didn't type the right keywords. Do you know of any info sources about Levant?

Thanks for the info. I did

Thanks for the info. I did not know this.

cool like ice.

that says it all.

let me know when you sell this one

so I can mourn!

and So it goes

This bike was a pleasure to ride!

This bike is an awesome ride. Rode it to San Jose. But the gearing was a bit high for long distance.


The high flange hubs looks

The high flange hubs looks perfect on this bike. The Levant logo is hot!

I think I bought my frame

I think I bought my frame off you.
Everyone knows you and the frame everywhere I go.
what's up!?!?!?

Yes, you did. How's it going

Yes, you did. How's it going James? Good to hear from you.

I'm Greg from Chicago, I

I'm Greg from Chicago, I wish I had a Levant frame to sell!

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