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Colnago, Colnago President , the greatest bike ever made!

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Colnago President FLR 62 cm

Zipp SL 42 (Wish had bought 40), Deda Zero Service course 100

Colnago Star, Chris King

Zipp 404 tubular, Veloflex

Zipp 404 tubular, Veloflex

Stronglight Pulsion Active link Ti 177.5

AX lightness, Deda Black Stick

Speedplay X Ti, Sram Red Chain

Dura Ace 7800

Dura Ace 7800

Sram Red 11/28 (pretty tasty!) Dura Ace 53/39,

Sense I purchased this bike 8 1/2 years ago, I haven't
found another bike I like better... After testing many
bikes,the Cervelo R3 SL would have been my other choice. The
Cervelo is very stiff front to rear, which makes the bike
fast and responsive. And,like the Colnago President, the
Cervelo absorbs shock so you might live through a long day.
This balance in dynamics is taken even further on the Colnago
President. The rear stays are designed to kill road vibrations
while not sacrificing the performance of a stiff and responsive
We have found the edge. Like having a bike slip out from
under you in a fast turn, you know exactly how far you can
push the envelope, because you went over the edge to find it.
The new bikes will of course, incorporate new technologies and
continue the fast pace progress in the pursuit of perfection we
have enjoyed over the last few years. However, I think designers,
manufactures need to temper their momentum with the tried and
true lessons of the past. The bike has to set the rider up
for the endurance at hand.... Yes the biker is the one that
has to endure... and with a pace that is stronger than his
competitor... part of this happens in the homogenization
or unification of bike and rider. In this dynamic lies at least
in part a comfort level that will help sustain a riders ability
to endure. This is where I think the new ultra stiff bike design
concepts must return... This is where I still think that... the
Colnago President stands as the hallmark of purpose driven
bike design. And still.... even now... a well keep secret that
has always blown me away.
thanks... all my best,
mark fulwider

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colnago president,, of course

you are right, but it sure does tag well. so, if you google colnago president-images, my bike picture is the first to show up. or blogs or reviews or.... and...
i don't mean to offend. so... what do you think is the greatest bike. Or brand. or time of bikes or type or... whatever.
i would really like to know... and, i mean that... with good spirt... cause they are certainly some fantastic bikes out their.
cool and thank you


I've a carbon and a steel bike, so I enjoy both worlds. Your Colnago mightn't have the classic features on one of their steel bikes, BUT IT IS BEAUTIFUL TO LOOK AT. Very very nice.
He that knows nothing will believe anything.

I cannot imagine how the clockwork of the universe can exist without a clockmaker.


I think i have my page set up wrong, cause no one seems to notice that i ride a steel frame Colnago as well. I have to figure out how to make the info on my Colnago Master Light show up separate from the President.
The line about the clockmaker is great. May I use it? My son's and I talk of such things all the time. (more clock stuff) It seems to be the "carbon vs Steel" issue is bigger than I thought. Personally, I could never compare the two. Apples to Oranges. Both have two wheels and are powered by the rider, ok.. shape, but but that's about it. Kinda like mountain bikes to road bikes... just different animals. As you also implied, nothing stays the same... after carbon, there will be another material to build with. "bike-crip-ta-titain-a- lite"... all the rage! and where can I get mine? Cause I'm love'n hardware... all my days. well, not really.


Here's another example of what is deemed as the world's best bike, when in reality, it's one of the world's ugliest bike. Thank God Colnago still makes their vintage track and road series.

all this

same bike, different wheels... I can see why you feel this way... as you can see, I have both. there is a HUGH difference. but... isn't it great to have passion. passion... you have passion about what you love... nothing better, and... that's what makes for the best, "horse race".

Nice bike, that looks like

Nice bike, that looks like it's a pretty supple ride. Is that a root beer color? It's hard to tell from the pics.


It's a transparent maroon to clear (front to back).... thing.
more like the other picture. Nither picture does it justice.
Kinda like a black widow, I think.
and thanks

it's not okay to run your

it's not okay to run your seatpost backwards.


Your probably right. funny. I am short wasted. my crank is 177.5. their was a choice made to buy the 62 cm over the 60. hence a long top tube. so.... i can make it with a straight post. and 175 crank. (you know... knee over peddle thing)
anyway.... i am still learning.... a super misfit 2 years ago.... better now. I am just now learning how to climb.... but the seat post is on my list....

get a look seatpost that is adjustable

You should get one of those look carbon adjustable seatposts. You can fix your TT problem. The other option is the fast forward type seatposts but they are ugly as heck. something like this. Sweet bike BTW. What is the carbon-fibre type? Do u know? I'd be interested. Everything made by them is really top-notch.

this stuff

i'm with ya... i like the deda post... it is light and strong... now a year has gone buy and this just continues to work for me... probably a straight post would do... maybe i have gotten use to the look of this and ... that is that
i all most ride out of the saddle more than in.... the launch i get from this setup seems to work just fine.
but, who knows... and thanks




i have looked at this for some time..... what is this.... what does "hahahahahahaha" mean?
i saw your conection ... zero..... who are you to me?

i think he's laughing

i think he's laughing because such a nice frame should not be misfit. this particular fit adjustment on the bike is very unorthodox and more than likely inefficient. he probably finds it comical.

who are you to him? what does that matter? this bike is in the context of this web community, and he is commenting on the bike and your comment. not who you are.


My fit with the bike is about my build and compliance with the bike.
I have a 37 inch inseam and i am only 6'2" and change. With 177.5 cranks, I need to move a little forward. and... I like to ride in post and aggressive. so and you know...

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