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Colnago President, Best bike ever made! Forever Colnago!

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Colnago President FLR 62 cm

Zipp SL 42 center to center and now deda Zero service course 100 stem

Star carbon and King

Then Mavic SL now Zipp 404

Then Mavic SL, now Zipp 404

Then Dura Ace 7800, now Stronglight Active link Ti

Then Fazik, now AX lightness Endurance and Deda Black stick

Speedplay X Ti

Dura Ace 7800

Dura Ace 7800

Now, Sram Red 11/28

This winter.... I think ... I will change out to Campagnolo Super Record 11 and pull my Dura Ace over to a Colnago Master Light.
I have changed out so many parts, it seems natural to build a second bike. At 56, I feel like 12... when I got my first ten speed, a Schwinn Varsity for Christmas.

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Shit man no

Love the bike. Take they Shimano off for good. You can can do it man. Campagnoglo Gezellig!


Nice wheels


Apologies for being blunt, but I can't help feel that as the years go buy, bikes are starting to look more and more ridiculous and are quickly losing its esthetic marvel it once had. Aside from some of the modern Cinelli pista/track bikes (I'm talking frame only), I prefer vintage track bikes circa 1950s ~ 1970s. And mind you, I'm not anywhere near the age of worrying about retirement and social security. May I kindly recommend a Colnago Super or a Mexico sir. I guarantee you'll score more with the Betties this way.

Oh Yea

I love this note! This is what I always want to say on the net about stuff but stop short. very funny... and... I do know what you mean.
As you can see I have a Colnago Master Light as well. great story.

I have over 10,000 dollars in this Colnago President. I found this near perfect '97 Master Light on ebay last year for 700.00 dollars including shipping. well.... I got home late the night it arrived. I think it was about midnight. I set the bike up quickly, just to see it ready to go in the morning. There was no waiting, so... out side I went. WOW! What a ride... like my youth. What a dream ride. so smooth and calm... someone was calling me... then again... a voice. it said,
"go ahead, just do it". I was sooooo convident in this bike, I just leaned back and let go. no hands, free as a bird...(I know, corny story, but true) I am 57 years old. I have not ridden a bike without holdind on in 35 years. After some serious accidents over the years, it's just not something I ever need to do... but this steel bike... Like going home! Don't get me wrong, I love my President... As I have said, over all, I believe, it is the finest bike in the world... but... at 110 lbs tire pressure or better... it's like riding on a wenie balloon. way excited... all about speed...
the Master Light, is an old friend, steel is real. Every time, every ride on this Colnago Master Light, I am reminded of that. Steel is real.
so... and you know... between the two, I am a blessed man.
you are very cool, thanks for what you said, I am smiling.

You know to each their

You know to each their own...and that is a good thing. I prefer a Colnago Master with the newest components.

What can I say its just me.

So you would have him switch

So you would have him switch to a Colnago Super or Mexico for aesthetic reasons? Are you off your meds?


you guys are great! I'm on meds. lol... really! funny huh?
Oh man, it's all good. you two made my night!
all my very best!
mark fulwider



the bike thing

Well, you know... the nice thing about history... you can bring the tangible forward, if you care to. For me, that's pretty much my bicycles.

Very nice..

Adding to the cluster.

Damn this bike is so

Damn this bike is so amazing! Looks so fast and fun to ride, good luck with her.


That is quite a stunning bike you have. I regret not buying one of these frames a couple of years ago when I had the chance. The chrome lettering looks very classy atop the dark cherry finish and raw carbon fiber. If you decide to switch over to Campy SR, I hope you'll post pictures.


thank you, and I will. kinda exciting to see the changes.
I am just figuring out how this all works. (velospace)
wow! what great bikes you have collected.
this will be a blast.


do u know u have the seatpost backwards


Yes, the seat post is backwards. the top tube is a little long for the way I ride, aggressive.
Having the seat post this way, enables me to get my knee over my foot properly.
unconventional in looks, but common, especially with tri riders. ..... go figure.

i love it

would love to c it with the zipp 404's those r amazinf wheels


thanks, I shot this today.... as I said lots of changes.

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