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Custom Waterford Fixed Gear

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Waterford 33 w/ Reynolds 953 stays

NItto 184, Dura Ace

Waterford straight blade 1" threaded fork, logoless Chris King

Dura Ace, Open Pro, DT 14/15 spokes, 32/3 cross

Dura Ace, Open Pro, DT 14/15 spokes, 32/3 cross

Dura Ace

Arione, Dura Ace

Ultegra, Sedis

50 tooth Sake Royal x 19 tooth Surly

Commissioned this for the 2008 Portland NAHBS. Was a blast working out the details with Richard Schwinn and Marc Mueller. Flew in from San Fran with a suitcase of parts and assembled the bike in Oregon 2 days before the show. Fork didn't arrive til 1 day before the show (it was still being polished). Eventually talked Richard into getting me a 3 day pass and got to work the Waterford booth that weekend.

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What kind of...

What kind of brake cable housing is that? Would love to get some for a Soma I am working on. Looks very classic!

Cable Housing

Have you tried Yellow Jersey in Wisconsin? They have a nice selection of retro cable, as well as the housing. I found some late 80s vintage grey Campy there a few years ago.

wow nice bike very beautiful

wow nice bike very beautiful frames nice finish

Nitto 184's and Sakae ring

Where do you get this type of "exotic" stuff? Is that the 30mm raked Waterford fork? This bike is classic/gorgeous!

I've got a stack of the SR

I've got a stack of the SR rings in my tranche. The 184 bar I purchased through our distributor, Merry Sales.

The fork rake is 43mm. This bike is meant for distance, hence the road geometry on the front end, 2 bottle cage bosses and the front and rear brakes.

I just took it on my first fixed gear century on Tuesday. Rode 105 miles from Oakland to Davis. Fun ride.

how/where did you get this

how/where did you get this "logoless" chris king!?

They used to offer this as

They used to offer this as an option up until 3 or 4 years ago. I ended using 320 grit wet sand paper, 600 grit wet sand paper, 0000 steel wool and a finished it off with a jewelers cloth. Kind of a pain in the butt but it was worth it.

I imagine you just polish

I imagine you just polish the logo off....

this bicycle is amazing,

this bicycle is amazing, simply amazing.

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