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1963 Raleigh Sports         Featured Bike! on 03/22/2011

Bike tags: Road bike | Raleigh | sports | St. Louis | three speed
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1963 Raleigh Sports

original / original

original / original

original steel Dunlop

original steel Dunlop laced to its original AW3

original / original

original? / original

original / original

As found. A buddy of mine from the shop rode this around a bit before he moved. It turned up after he moved and I grabbed it before it hit the trash bin.

Restoration pics to follow.

[UPDATE] New pic added. Cleaned and greased, saddle replaced, bars flipped.

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Looks good. I have a '51

Looks good. I have a '51 Raleigh Sports and did pretty much the same thing. I only have one picture of it but I'm going to take some more and post tomorrow. I've seen quite a few people doing this... seriously you just flip the bars and get a B17 or something similar, and some new pedals and it looks a thousand times better... the position helps you ride faster too. I love it. I want to find an old 30's or 40's BSA or Humber that came like this stock... I'd like to know if the geometry is any different. But doing "conversions" like this is easy and cheap. I just hope these bikes and this conversion doesn't catch on too much. I paid a hundred for my bike and I thought that was a lot. It was all stock and 100% complete except for the pump, no rust either, just a dent on the front fender. So it would suck if people start asking more for them because it's a popular trend... like with crappy old 10 speeds.

Hey man

Raleigh looks great! Did you chop that saddle? I'm going to have to give that a try on one of my Pro's. I still have your gp frame too, been kind of a busy time lately, but will get it to you one of these days, hmmm maybe I will drop it by bikeworks tomorrow actually was thinking about going down to a friends in midtown....

Yep. The saddle is a chopped

Yep. The saddle is a chopped ADGA or whatever they're called from a Peugeot.

If you bring the GP by bikeworks put a tag on it with my name (Eric) otherwise it'll either get pinched or flipped in the shop. Otherwise give me a shout and I'll meet up with you somewhere.

Rad Chainring!

Do you know what kind of bird that is? Goose? Egret? If I was picking a bird for my corporate identity, I think I would pick something a little tougher, like a Condor or a Vulture!

I used to live in South StL, do you volunteer at BicycleWorks? What a cool, old-school institution that is.


I think Raleigh bird is a

I think Raleigh bird is a crane, though I’m not certain…


lol. It's a Heron.

Yeah, I'm on the board of directors at BikeWORKS and in the shop on Tuesdays and Saturdays stop by if you're ever in the neighborhood.


I like my 3 speeds, nice to find a red one. I have a green sports and several black english 3 speeds. I'd love to snag a chrome one someday.

Which bike you going to ride on the Highway 40 bike day? If my kid is at my house whenever they decide to have it I think we'll test out our tandem.

Hwy 40

You should see my Sports now. It one of my faves to look at ... a bit uncomfortable to ride any distance tho due to the worn out chopped faux Swallow thats on it now. I rode it on the Moonlight Ramble and ended up afterwards riding from the Maplewood tent at the start point to Brentwood Blvd at 4am.

What day is the 40/64 ride on? I've been riding 40 back and fourth from Brentwood/170 to the 270 overpass pretty much every Sunday on my modern road bike (06 Trek Pilot 2.1). Some of those hills are killers. 4 or 5 runs out and back ends up to be about 48-60mi.

Cranksgiving is on the 23rd of Nov.
...second under upcoming events. We're expecting +300 riders this year.

If the 40/64 ride doesn't conflict with the Cranksgiving ride I'll probably ride the "Frankenclubman" that I'm building now. I just stretched out a set of junked 26" Raleigh Sports fenders to fit 27x1 1/4 wheels and attached the new stays. I did a rough assembly last night and its looking pretty cool so far. Still gotta prep the bare metal and rebuild the AW tho.

hwy 40

You've been riding on the highway? I thought they were ticketing people for that. It opens on december 15, the ride day is the 14th. It costs 25 bucks if you buy before dec 3, 35 after. Kind of steep, but the money goes to the bike fed bike rack project. I've asked a couple people to do the cranksgiving ride with no positive response lol, my only ride buddies are pretty much fair weather girls that want to ride for an hour and eat lunch for 2 hours.


Yeah, almost every Sunday. I've passed several other riders and a handful of cops (Ladue, Frontenac, T&C, etc...), the cops just say hi as long as you're not tagging or destroying anything. Can't hide rattle cans in lycra. lol.
is steep but Bike Fed. is good people. I'm friends with some of them and our org.'s do a lot of event sharing.

Come solo! Plenty of people to make new friends with! I'll either be leading or tailing with tubes on the long route.
We'll also be at the shop from about 5-7p tonight and then across the street at the Thurman Grill for a Cranksgiving benefit till 10 or 11. After this weekend I'll be back on regular time at the shop - Tues 7-10p and Sat 930-1p. I'll PM you my cell number, call me if/when you want to meet up over there.



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