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fuji "track"

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nitto AApro 90mm/crap drops clipped anf flipped


UA 8spot track hub radially laced to cxp33

UA 8spot track hub 3x laced to cxp33

fsa vero/shimano

stock crap

shimano spd/ bmx

sugino 48t chainring - soma 17t cog

I hate it. Not a real track frame, fuji uses the "elios 2" frame which is a loaded touring frame. They just put track dropouts on it and call it a track. Rare paint and decals, sold only in japan. I am saving for a bomber pro. Photos taken with my phone.

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get this shit out of here, garbage....


your such a fag. wanna fight???!!!

Looks Like!

Looks like a real piece of shit to me. Just another piece of shit on the road, if it ever makes it on the road. I suggest you stick with something a little more your budget and ride a dildo!!!!!!

how's the bomber coming

how's the bomber coming along? let's see it

gross as fuck

this thing fucking sucks!

yep but that's what you can

yep but that's what you can buy with 10,000 yen (hundred bucks).

yes ugly indeed.

and you were talking shit about this guy?
this bob jackson is better than anything your cookie cutter brain could do.

that stem probably cost more than anything.

you should h8 it

I do too. it looks awful.

Ya it looks like poo. Fuji

Ya it looks like poo. Fuji fucked with the geometry to try to prevent toe overlap, this is the result. It replaced my level after some blind obachan decided that she couldn't see me wearing a white shirt on a white bike on a sunny day. I had no cash at the time so I bought the cheapest shit that I could.

yeah, those are pretty nice

yeah, those are pretty nice pictures for a phone camera!

Photos taken with my phone?

phenomenal cell camera quality!


I have a panasonic p9061. it makes the iPhone look like crap.

you should give it to me

you should give it to me since you hate it :-D

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