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bad apple

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not sure


alexrims R450 wrapped with CST Compressor

alexrims R450 wrapped with Michelin Orium




46/17 freewheel

First build. Was contemplating going to a fixed gear. but i rode my friends tonight and now im not so sure. Stripping down my piece of poo TREK mountain bike and turning it into a single geared winter masher.

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BIGGER cog??

BIGGER cog??

front gearing? man im new to

front gearing? man im new to this stuff but I want to go faster so i need longer gearing up front. Probably just a few teeth. I got burnt today by a guy on a single speed. I was going up hill, standing up huffin and puffin and he just cruised by sitting down.

hey man; don't feel bad

hey man; don't feel bad about getting "burnt" up roanoke :p

it's alot easier to climb on fixed than SS. and i didn't read the rest of the comments below here, but you might not need a bigger gear, you might need actually need a smaller one so that you can keep it moving. spinning = good. heaving on the pedals = not so good.

try a smaller cog out back.

try a smaller cog out back. Bigger chainrings only get you a little more gear inches but smaller cogs will get you much more. On the track guys commonly run 52/13 or 53/12. The problem with such tall gearing is you have to be superman to stop it. If you learn to spin faster the single speed guy won't be a problem. Most average cyclists have a cadence of about 70rpm track guys can spin at 110 and some people can spin at 120-130(lance armstrong). The faster you spin the easier it is to keep momentum with less effort.


i don't think that is a common gear on any track.... it would be awful hard to spin that high in a track gearing for long.

Very common in japanese

Very common in japanese keirin.

Yeah I came to the

Yeah I came to the realization that I don't need to change my gearing I just need to spin faster and get in better shape. I live in a pretty hilly area and im fat. So ill just keep pedaling and get faster.

Oh. nevermind my above

Oh. nevermind my above comment then haha. You got the picture. that's what i get for posting before i read everything.

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