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Sparton ST500


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I dig this bike. Looks

I dig this bike.
Looks better/more fun to ride with the horns.


Freakin that thing looks GOOOD!!!!

line up yer tires.

line up yer tires.


with what?


up the labels on the tires with the valve stem. you'll find it helps in diagnosing flats.

you really do learn

you really do learn something everyday. thanks. But how does that help diagnose flats?

i fear a painfully obvious answer...

when you

pull the tube out, you can find where the puncture is and you'll be able to know what part of the tire it came from so you can check that section for glass, etc.

i was thinking about trying

i was thinking about trying out those drop bars - how are they treatin ya?

so far

theyre great. as you can see in the picture the ends extend back a little farther than the Nittos to accomodate a slightly less extended posture if wanted/needed. Theyre Tange steel and the chrome is beautiful. However these are a bit on the heavy side. I compared them to the cr-mo version of the nittos, NOT the AL version, and the Somas were still a bit heavier. but of course this can be forgiven due to their price tag! I got them at


thanks for the comments.

yea the bmx seat gave me a chuckle too, but im happy to report its actually proving quite comfy despite its almost non existant padding.

naw it's not so much about

naw it's not so much about the padding as it is the overall length. saddles made for road (or track) bikes are a good deal longer than BMX seats. bmx seats are made to be ridden with your ass below the handlebars, not above. but hey whatever works! it's your bike.

caw shantelle fo a goo ti

na na fi - fi na fo na

at first i read that title

at first i read that title as hi-fun, like a play on hi-ten steel hahaha
anyway that's a pretty kickass build, inexpensive classy and durable. just replace that BMX saddle with something more roadworthy.


I like it, job well done!!

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