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Casati Monza

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike | 52cm | fixed gear | lugged | more tags >>
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Casati Monza track

Cinelli 2A track stem Cinelli 67-39 Pista bars

Shimano 600 headset

Mavic CXP-30 custom powder coated red Suntour Superbe Pro

Mavic CXP-30 custom powder coated red Suntour Superbe Pro

Suntour Superbe Pro 165mm, Tange BB

Brooks Team Professional saddle

MKS Unique Royal pedals, Wipperman chain

EAI 18 tooth cog Suntour Superbe chainring


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what size bottom bracket do you use?

bottom bracket


Dem Halftones

Rumor has it halftones increase speed!

Fine fine fine

The clearances on this bike are so tight. It just screams precision...among other things.

Pure italian marvel

This Casati is simply sublime...but still, it would be, to my point of view, much nicer with a Selle Italia Flite saddle. I like the rims. My Pinarello Treviso 1985 (Columbus SL) is coming soon....


you dont put a brooks saddle

you dont put a brooks saddle on a casati it is Italian. come on and this is hot shit. Please

Totally disagree

A bike is personal. It is not about what goes together because it comes from the same country---a particular geographical location with political borders. It is about feeling. If this saddle feels right to the rider, then it is the right saddle. Plain and simple.


i do agree with you--mix n' matching is way fun..

but i also have to agree with the previous comments: brooks saddle is for sure taking away sexy points on a BEAUTIFUL bike

When it comes to the comfort

When it comes to the comfort of riding my bike, I don't give a shit about style points. Sorry!

My favourite bike here..

Great colour scheme! I just hate those damn, Brooks saddles though, sorry. A beautiful bike thought nonetheless!! Bella :)

this bike is...


this is one of the most

this is one of the most beautiful bikes i've seen....

The scales fell from my eyes

At first I thought the red rims were too much, but something kept pulling me back... And now I see it.

this bike makes me so happy.

this bike makes me so happy.

shit. . .

one of the hottest i've seen. nice one.

casati frame

my buddy owns that frame now. very nice indeed.


This bike looks like a happy bike.

RIP in NYC. I'm glad to have

RIP in NYC. I'm glad to have ridden this at Hellyer. Thx J-dawg. I'll miss it!


nice valve caps.

oh...haha! believe it or not

oh...haha! believe it or not those tubes actually came that way. i swear i didn't seek out red valve caps! i swear!

I think this is my favorite

I think this is my favorite bike on here. I like the color combo.

Your bike has quite possibly

Your bike has quite possibly the hottest seat stays I've ever seen up at the seat cluster.

Great detail.

Seriously. My Casati road

Seriously. My Casati road bike has the same details, and I still can't get over it.

Lovely lovely bike!!!!

Please sport her with Campagnolo C-Record, if u don't have any pls messege me I will help you out. This is the most beautiful frameset Italy has even pulled out. I have Colnago with the same color sheme but as the italian flag. Casati frames were painted by the colnago team.

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