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1980's De Rosa Professional SLX Pista

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike | 54cm | c-record | campagnolo | more tags >>
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De Rosa Super Prestige Eddy Merckx

Cinelli 2A stem Cinelli 67-39 bars

De Rosa fork Campagnolo C-Record Pista headset

Mavic CXP-30 Campagnolo C-Record Hi-Flange hub

Mavic CXP-30 Campagnolo C-Record Hi-Flange hub

Camgagnolo C-Record Pista 165 w/matching BB

Campagnolo C-Record Brooks Team Professional

Campagnolo C-Record pedals Wipperman chain

Phil Wood 18 tooth cog 49x18

This bike was stolen from my Public Storage locker in San Francisco's Mission District sometime between August 1st and September 4th of 2006. In August of 2012, it appeared on Craigslist in Portland. After much assistance from the cycling communities of Portland and San Francisco, and an awesome cyclist PDX police officer, the bike was recovered. 6 years after it was stolen. Read the incredible story here:

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get ouuttttt

more than glad to hear you got it back.

That is unreal! If only I

That is unreal! If only I had that kind of luck. Enjoy rediscovering this sweet ride. Of course now you own two.

damn g, ever find it?

damn g, ever find it?

Did I ever find it?

Nope. Never did.

This is the only bike ive

This is the only bike ive ever seen where i actually like those kinda brooks on. Sucks that it got stolen though :(

I've always wanted one

There's a similar bike for sale on ebay today.

Item number: 280278875497


I actually think stealing a

I actually think stealing a bike should be a special category of unspeakable crime, like those that get you grossly mistreated in prison.

thats like people that steal

thats like people that steal your cd's


that's a damn shame.

and i didn't realize things could be stolen from storage -- ?!

Bike thieves must die

May the same god that created the man that created this De Rosa, bring an eternity of pain and suffering upon the trash he created who stole this De Rosa. This jewel could have been parked lockless in the middle of Time Square at 3am on a Saturday, albeit not wise, it still doesn't give some execrement the greenlight to steal something that clearly doesn't belong to him/her. I will light a candle in the cathedral for your bike's safe return and the opportunity to beat the gob out of the thief.

I have the road version - circa 1986

Very sorry for your loss. I bought the road version of the Super Prestige in late 1986 and am guessing it would have been manufactured early that year or 1985.

that SUCKS your wip was stolen

but why the heck was it in storage??

Because I had moved out of

Because I had moved out of state for a short time and didn't need 2 bikes in New York City. I took my other bike, because I was scared of bike theft. That's irony you can cut through.

Nice Build

you've nice bike ever.... don't ever miss this bike.

said it before...

and I'll say it again. This bike is perhaps my favorite bike I have ever laid eyes on. I dunno, but everything about it is perfect. It breaks my heart to know that it was taken from its owner...

Unbelievable. The

Unbelievable. The proportions are PERFECT, in complete harmony. A work of art. I wonder if the **** who stole this realises what it is.


I am an owner of a bike similiar to this- and I am curious for any information on the bike. I was told it was owned by a women cyclist- I am not sure if this is the Aussie- or not. Anyone with information please pass it along. Grateful. Thanks

No, not owned by a woman. I

No, not owned by a woman. I bought it from a gentleman on eBay several years ago. According to him he had purchased it from the shop as a complete and barely used it. It sat in his basement for years. He listed it as a 1980, although inquires at De Rosa's official web forums seem to place it around 1986. Apparently SLX wasn't widely used until the mid-80's. If anybody is the wiser, I'd love to know. Thanks. -Justin


I despise bicycle thieves


come home soon derosa. i still havent given up hope. it will come back one day.


This is the hottest bike I've ever seen. I can't believe it got might have to kill yourself.

Sarah Ulmer

Am I the only veloist who thinks Sarah Ulmer is ultra hot? What could possibly be more attractive than a spandex-clad Aussie on a sexy track bike? Come on people!

BTW, LOVE the de Rosa

Sarah Ulmer

Sara Ulmer gives me a rod!!

I am with ya mate! ;)

The Italian track star Elisa Frisoni gives me an even bigger rod!
(Its the tan skin and jet black hair and OHH those quads!)

Check her highness out!!! (she is the one on the left)



this bike is beyond sick.I have seen road version of this bike but only dreamed of track model.On fire.



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