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07' Fuji Track Pro

Bike tags: Fixed gear
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07' Fuji Track Pro

Nitto Bullhorns HT, IRD 30deg drop / Deda Pista, FSA OS115

Fuji carbon , Cane Creek

Deep-V, Phil 36

Deep-V, Phil 36

FSA Carbon Track Pro

San Marco Bilanciata (carbon shell, titanium rails), BP Carbon Aero

MKS Nuevo, MKS clips, Toshi double

Phil, 49X16 (82.7 inches)

This is the second time I built this bike. It was destroyed by a car after only one month. The cranks are shit, never buy them. They also weigh the bike down a bit as do the wheels. Other than that ride quality is amazing. The head tube badge was first place prize in the East Bay Mice Summer Series Part 2. Custom metal work by Isabelle Eyman.

After being hit, doored, numerous spills and an encounter w/ a drunken u-lock wielder this bike finally met it's end over a pot hole. A dent in my down tube turned into a crack half way around. So now it's hanging on my wall... next to my other 07' FTP. For now I'm riding a Leader and I have the 09' FTP sitting at the shop waiting to be built up. Track only of course. Given my record this seems like a wise choice.

Stay tuned!

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I just picked up a 2006 Track Pro and wanted to PC it as well. How much extra was the custom decal/design on the body? I know I want to add a design myself as well so I am curious if that is include in the 0 cost.

I would like to get more details on how you treated the fork as well=)


The decal was only and

The decal was only 10 dollars and done up by Kar Tatooz. It's a simple vinyl sticker. Tish modeled it after the original Fuji decals on the frame and I had her mirror the image and print it 3" high so I can wrap it over the down tube.
The forks I did my self and it was a bit of trial and error. If I remember correctly I used 320, 400 and 600 grit wet/dry sand paper. I used the 320 to get most of the paint and decals off the carbon. The 400 to finish off the remainder and the 600 to smooth it all out. You want to bring the crown down to the metal but be careful not to go to deep over the carbon or you may compromise it.
I then clear coated it w/ matt clear coat (Krylon) and put matt black(also Krylon) where I wanted it.

Sorry for the lag, I kinda forgot this profile existed.

I think I seen a picture of

I think I seen a picture of you somewhere on the internetz riding this bike carrying a mercier frame box on your back.

Yeah that was my

Yeah that was my girlfriend's bike at the time. Had it shipped to my job so I had to carry it home. Pretty nuts.

I think I seen a picture of

I think I seen a picture of you somewhere on the internetz riding this bike carrying a mercier frame box on your back.

I've seen your bike at the

I've seen your bike at the gilman, fucking sick.

This has gotta be the

This has gotta be the greatest custom paint job i have ever seen!DANG!

Montano Velo

Oakland Representa!!!!!

awesome crank! love mine =)

awesome crank! love mine =)


what does the yellow symbols say?lol
how did you paint your frame?

It's a custom graphic decal

It's a custom graphic decal done by Tish from Karr Tatooz. It says "Fuji" mirrored. I had the paint done through Montano Velo. They have a really nice flat black powder coat that's hard to scuff up.

how much id it cost for the

how much id it cost for the powder coat?

200 for the frame. The

200 for the frame. The forks, being carbon, could not go into the oven. So I had to sand them down some to get the decals and paint off, clear coat w/ matte rattle can clear coat and rattle can flat black where I wanted it. This took a while.

nice paint job. I never had

nice paint job. I never had problems with those cranks.

Thanks! Yeah as soon as I

Thanks! Yeah as soon as I started riding them the spider started slipping. Apparently it's a very common problem w/ the older "Carbon Wrapped" cranks. I guess FSA didn't design them w/ skid stopping in mind. The slippage is subtle but noticeable. More annoying than anything. The new Carbon Track Pro's I hear are much better. Stiffer, lighter, full carbon arms(not carbon wrapped) and no slipping spider.

According to Sheldon, 49:16

According to Sheldon, 49:16 is 80in. 50:16 is 82.

According to Turpe,

According to Turpe, splitting hairs over gear inches on the internet makes you look like a bit of a dick.

Sheldon is dead and wrong and so are you

49x16 is in fact 82.7.

Nice build.

HAHAHAHA! Thanks man.

Thanks man.

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