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chester copperpot

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1968 Puch Bergmeister 56cm copperplated

Nitto stem and Nitto RB021 aluminum bullhorns

Vintage Campagnolo Record Headset with Chro moly racing fork from British built Raliegh Leighton

Vintage Campagnolo Record high flange hubs laced with DT double butted spokes to Nisi Torro 27" rim

Vintage Campagnolo Record high flange hubs laced with DT double butted spokes to Nisi Torro 27" rim

Vintage Campagnolo Strada 170 cranks with Campagnolo Athena square taper bottom bracket

Brooks B17 Hunter Green ,to match Brooks leather bar wrap, with copper rails and copper buttons

MKS Touring Lite pedals super hard to locate with SRAM nickel plated chain

drive chainring 52T to 16T freewheel

Brake levers are Radius interrupter levers attached to Modolo Flash brakes. Fenders are Honjo hand hammered aluminum polished and super light. Found the bike on ebay painted and stripped it myself down to the copper finish. Took about four months to put all the parts together and she rides like a dream.

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my favorite part is you're

my favorite part is you're in the picture. sincerely.


by far my favorite bike on here. what kind of seat post is that?


I've been trying so hard to find a frame that is copper plated. I am absolutely in love with this build. It's perfect. My dream bike. You know how there's that one bike you'd give your soul for? This is mine...

Great job!

Awesome Ride!

As soon as I saw your bike I thought, wow! I have the same frame and it urged me to put it on this sight. It would be tough for me in your shoes to part with that bike. A "classic".

-Tim K.

Thats what I said booby trap.

Sweet Jesus!
That is a nice looking ride. I have been working on a similar project for awhile now and have only had so-so luck with the home copperplating. Was this copper plated to begin with and you only had to strip the paint off? Or did you have it plated or plate it yourself?
Looks really nice either way. I'll plate you a pump if I can get this process down soon. Please do let us all know what the score is on this frame.
Damn, those fenders make me wanna spend money. Your ride made my cluster... Put A Shine On Er'

chester copperpot

Thanks much man. The frame is copper plated from the factory. When they copperplated the drops and fork before chrome plating this particular frame they actually copper plated the entire frame. I just happened to see the frame on ebay and noticed the copper showing and bought it on a whim just to see for myself. Then I stripped all of the paint off and saw that shiny penny color. The rest was a lot of polishing and hunting for parts for almost the entire summer. A price has yet to be determined due to how pertty she is but she will be for sale if the right offer comes up. Also the frame will not be separated from it's parts. Lots of people seem to want to do that. Thanks again for the good words.

chester copperpot

Thanks for the words man. He rides like a dream, but he'll have to go eventually. I still just like like looking at it now and then. Anyway is it cool for me to be part of the sweet fenders cluster.

copper museum

Man, that bike should be in a museum or show piece for a cafe. It deserves it's own unique website!

Are the fenders the Japanese ones carried by Velo Orange? They fit better than just about any I've ever seen.

the fenders

Yessir the fenders are the very ones carried by Velo Orange. Make sure if you ever get the urge to have these that you order them from Velo Orange and take as much time as possible to install them. With a little patience they can fit with extremely close tolerances. The local bike shops try to sell these for almost to more than they are on the website so be careful. Thanks for the nice words. I've got about 25 more bikes I'll be posting over the next few weeks that I've built in the past few years.


This is special!!

where did you find the

where did you find the silver radius brake levers? I've been looking all over for levers that look like that!

The radius levers has an ebay store. They are the only ones who I've ever found carrying these levers.

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