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Cannondale Track

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Cannondale Track 60cm

Nitto 021s or risers to Nitto pearl

Steel track fork, Campagnolo



Stronglight, phil bb

Thomson to Turbo

MkS, Sram



WOW! I've never seen a tall Track set up that I thought was elegant or even pretty. Yours is gorgeous... Especially with the straight forks. It’s got sublime balance.



ok cool, now sell it to me

ok cool, now sell it to me


Looks sharp. Check out this guy for cannondale decals and also a review of them, and their application, can be found on Velospace here. Its lookin good and good luck with the paint job. Cheers!


That blue is stunning!!! I bet it really stands out, love those Cannondale track frames, they're just super hard to find!!! Looks like it's ready for the race!!!!

I'm glad this went to

I'm glad this went to someone who clearly loves it. Nice work on finding the stock fork. Don't trash that Jacobs fork, it was made by hand for that bike. Be sure it gets used, as well.

Ride safe,



funny my cannondale track came with brake holes and i was told it had never seen the street before i got it. even a couple big races were won it it supposedly, but i guess the guy i bought it from was lying and had tubulars on it because he thought they looked cool...what a hipster...


what's the tire in the first pic? looks big.


Vittoria randonneur in the rear and a seca serfas in the front.

pretty sure its a rando.

pretty sure its a rando.

singletooth once again im

singletooth once again im gonna say you are talking shit about bikes and you own complete garbage you posted pics of your shit bikes lets see that pinarello your talking about and do you keep saying stupid american you live in fucking indianapolis wtf you plains people just found a out about track bikes in the last year or so so jump off everyones dick you farmboy

way mo' bettah

without the stickers. get that ish painted!

just put up my new

just put up my new build!!!


sweet build

Nice, these frames are my favorites out there, I hope to get a hold of one some day. Really nice build too. Shame about the paint job though, I mean it's a nice powdercoat, but the original paint is so pretty and classic, especially on a bike with a little history like these ones. I know you didn't do it though.

I agree with you. I've been

I agree with you. I've been having thoughts of having it re-powdercoated the stock color. The only thing that keeps me from doing it is not being able to find the stock decals.

hi hi sfg guy.

the posts below are really funny. ^_^

No You Fail

The only reason for the drillings (fork & seat stay) now days on track frames are for the hipster wanna be crowd. Funny my 80's Pinarello is not drilled not to mention almost any track frame that was made before the mid 90's. Brakes were not an option...

hey buddy wheres your

hey buddy wheres your pinarello on velospace? also, nice work having a 1x9 with only a front brake.

ps you suck

In Process

I guess I could just post a pic of a frame & fork like every other poser.

Mercier Kilo TT = Junk

You're that dumb?

The 90's Cannondale track frame is real track frame, and they're drilled. Therefore some "real" track frames are drilled.

Is that hard to understand? Should I draw pictures?

It's called the option of using a brake for training. Read Cannondale's catalog. Brakes are now an option, it doesn't exclude a bike from being a track bike. You're logic, as do you, fails.

You're that dumb?

no, but you must be for believing everything you read. I know its a "Track" frame dip shit. Funny, my friends Cannondale isn't drilled. now go out and do your little bar spins & such & quit cryin


You're the one crying about what people call they're bike, how sad is that?

And you just said you know it's a track frame after you said track frames aren't drilled, which it is. Thanks for proving my point and totally contradicting yourself.

Bar spins really? Did you not see the pictures? Now I know you have no idea what you're talking about.

Re: Wow

you do not understand the word "real". don't forget to add a aerojunk & top tube pad, you've already got the riser bars, so your right on your way. Like I said, weird how my friends 92 wasn't drilled. Stupid American

Fixster Hipster


Zomg handle bars are permanent they can never be changed!!!

90's cannondale track

bikes are definitely not drilled.




ya dig?

I dig

But at first I thought single tooth was a joke. Well he is, he just doesn't know it yet.

Identifying wood.

Yep its wood.

Oooo, it in my size too!

Oooo, it in my size too!


i have never seen one like that did u get new decaks and repaint it
most of them are more matalic blue not baby blue

The owner before me had it

The owner before me had it powder coated. You can't really tell from the pictures but it has a nice pearl in it.

nice ride

how do you find the oppy xx with double straps?

They sell them at my LBS.

They sell them at my LBS. Love them by the way, very solid.

Where is your LBS?

I'm dying for this frame. How much are they & where?

No, they sell the straps and

No, they sell the straps and clips at my LBS. The frames you have to find used.

Looks great! Classic Frame.

Looks great! Classic Frame.

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