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BSA Here to stay.

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BSA 'Tour Of Britain'

ALPS bars

BSA Stock

Shiman0 WH R535

Shiman0 WH R535

BSA Pimp Crank / BSA Bracket

Cheap saddle soon to be replaced

BSA Rat trap / KMC


Awesome Ride Very very smooth, more photos to come soon though!

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nice bike, i've just bought

nice bike, i've just bought one of these. although mines a differnt colour and the tour of britain stickers on the toptube. do you know much about these models of bsa? i've done quite a few searches and havent been able to get much info, thanks, zac

looks like you need a new

looks like you need a new cotter pin

BSA Tour of Britain

I just bought a BSA Tour of Britain as pictured above. It's in top condition and only needs a clean up and air in the tyres. I'm going to strip it down and give it some TLC. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has some tips when cleaning the bike up. I'll get some pic's for everyone to look at and it will also be good to compare - before and after.

your Tour of Britain

Hi Matt, I just thought I would tell you that your BSA tour of Britain is not unique. I also own one, mine is blue and white and virtually original with cromed spoke wheels. Mine has been with me most of my life, your Tour of Britain was built in 1976/77, it was orginally a bike built by Raleigh for the catalouge market (kays, freemans & Marshall ward) the bike was designed as a 5 gear side pulled breaks, its orginal catalouge price was £75 quite a lot back then. There was a slighty better bike "tour of france" which was the one I really wanted but it was too expensive, that had 10 gears. I have changed the side pulls to weinman centre pulls & converted to a 10 gear (back in the late 70s) apart from that its all original. I have the odd paint chip but not bad for a 32 year old bike.

all the best Dave


What a pristine find!! Never seen one before and I dig it. I have to say, a nice set of calipers (Dia Compe 500?) and derailleurs (Campy NR?) would really complete it for a pretty nominal cost (and weight addition). You could save some of the added weight by adding an alloy bar/stem combo. But it is still a slick build as it is. What's the deal with that braze-on on the fork? Did the OE pump come with it? Let me know if you ever want to sell.




Thanks for your imput, yeh i've also never come across another and being located in australia..... i doubt there will be another here anyway. i've got a couple BSA's that i'll be putting up here soon.
about the Braze-on, well i havent actually touched the frame its all original even the paint, i guess it was just a lucky find.
its gets alot of attention on the street, and i dont think i'll be selling anytime soon atleast :)

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