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Bike tags: Road bike | aero bars | BEER | softride
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Softride Ironman 1991

Risers installed upside down, Performance clip-on aerobars, Profile 120mm stem on a threaded/threadless adapter

Sun deep section 650c of some sort. Shimano 600 hub that feels like butter at 17 years old.

Sun deep section 650c in better shape than the front, but the cassette's shot.

Santé. I dunno. I've never heard of them. The BB is an old style, but still smooth, so it stays.

Saddle: Velo, originally from the Jet Jaguar. There is no seat post.

Shimano 600 pedals. Bearings are gone, as are dust caps. These are getting replaced.

7x2. 52x12 at the high end.

This bike was raced for several years by the female 50+ triathlon champion of the US in the 90s. It's too small for me, so I'm doing a bunch of stretching on the geometry.

I'm really pleased with the way the bars look, though they don't quite work yet — too wiggly under pressure.

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those bars

are so wrong! but overall, things are right.


I like these kinda bikes, they're like concept cars, except for bikes! Its very much out of the ordinary! Haha, you're handlebars look kinda funny, sorta like deer antlers, but I guess its for the comfort im guessing. You should see this guys' bikes:

This frame style is

This frame style is comparable to the Ritchey Lite Beam. Cool bike.

so ridiculous

i want one.

They pop up on Ebay pretty

They pop up on Ebay pretty frequently. Frames usually go for 500 or so. I totally lucked out with this.

Unless you mean the handlebars, in which case, you can totally build a pair out of junk bars and cheapo clip-ons.

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