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Suicide Schwinn

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1960 Schwinn Varsity

60's era 3ttt set of DROPS and stem (not shown)


70's Schwinn 36 hole hubs to a 700c rim


stock 1 piece with original stronglight chainrings

Old leather Record saddle (not shown)


Simplex ft suicide shift, old campy thing in RR


Old 5spd freewheel and 50-47t ft

I have just redone some of the things on this bike. It is now a ten spd with a custom D-tube shifter and some old dropbars. Also I found some funny little fenders that look cool but have no purpose but to keep you fingers out of the spokes when shifting.
I think it is much better this way. Pics soon!

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like an old Cadillac once the inertia kicks in.


Nice Bike, love the color!

I hate to tell you but... don't count on that being brazed or double butted. Schwinn developed their own process (mighta been called electrofusion) of electrically welding their frame tubes. Kinda cool how the joints ended up looking filet brazed, eh? Only the top end bikes had brazing. The Varsity was about the bottom of the line of their 'racing' bikes.

Also not likely to be butted tubing. Again, this was reserved for uppper end bikes. The 7/8 seatpost is a good tip off. The frame is solid and will handle lots of abuse, but its not light. Hence your 31 pound weight, even after removing the cluster, rear derailler, shifters and derailler cables.

It's a great SS, ready to take on the mean streets though.


I don't know when the switch was made from brazing to electro-forging but I have a 1957 Schwinn DX that I took down to bare metal and it was entirely fillet brazed. Stingrays are all electro forged and they started making them in 1964. So somewhere between 1957 and 64 they switched, who knows what year or if it was across the board?

The seatpost is 13/16".

great bike

Wonderful combination here of the weird and old (the original front shifter) and the weird and new (the home-cooked chain tensioner). Both smart and fun.

What an original bike. I

What an original bike. I really like that it's a fillet-brazed frankenbike. Chain tensioners are weird enough on their own, good job!

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