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a dark matter...

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08 Cannondale Badboy

Syntace Stratos / Stock Cannondale

Leader Aero / FSA

Neuvation R28 SL3 / 25c Armadillo

Neuvation R28 SL3 / 25c Armadillo

Shimano Ultegra SL: 172.5 / Shimano Ultegra SL BB

Stock / Stock

Generic/ Ultegra SL

Shimano Ultegra SL reduced to 10 speeds via the decommissioning of a chain ring.

Positing dark matter in response to the metropolitan conundrum. Post of modern; mountain bike frame couples an aluminum aero fork, bullhorns couple STI shifters, light wheels roll heavy puncture-resistant tires. Nihilistic abomination or evolution in urban spirituality? She is called Rachel.

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you have got to be

you have got to be kidding....

so hawt

so hawt

Nice bike!! Please don't

Nice bike!!

Please don't ever make it into a fixie.

fixie convo

Right? If it ain't broke...


Thug ass bike. Looks like it could stop an armor piercing round with ease. I really REALLY like it.



i really love your bike

it looks amazing i think i may be lookin at my my next bike project.


Cheers man, Thanks. Took a lot of trial and error which included taking a hammer to the frame (scarry) in order to make the Ultegra drive train fit correctly. Also, the Badboy frame needs an extended-reach rear brake caliper. The stock v-brake I have on the rear right now is practically useless as STI's don't have enough pull distance for v-brakes. I'll replace it with a proper caliper soon.


Cool, thanks for the tip. Definitely a more affordable solution. I'll check it out. Cheers,

I used to think about

I used to think about putting STI's on bullhorns like that all the time, what do you think?

STI's on bullhorns

In spite of an odd look or two, which may have nothing to do with the STI's on the horns, I really like it. I can reach the brakes in every hand position but one, and I've grown fond of the aesthetic effect. Whatever problems I had came more from finding bullhorns with geometry I was comfortable with. Finally got the Syntace Stratos which angles back at you some degrees and love it.

I love the back sweep on

I love the back sweep on those bullhorns. they're the only ones I actually consider comfortable to ride


your bike rocks - so much I am putting Easton Bullhorns on my BB 08 Ultra. I also want to change out the derailleurs to a road set. What kind of wheel set can I get that is 700x 23-32c with MTB hubs for disc brakes? aka The Bike Ninja

Badboy conversion

Thanks! If you're going to replace your Badboy's drivetrain with road components, there's a couple things I might mention. This was my first time doing anything like this so I ran into a few complications I hadn't anticipated along the way. I started with the Badboy Si which is actually a slightly different frame than the Ultra, in addition to the difference in forks, so you may not have the same problems I did.

When I was replacing my original crank set (MTB) with the Shimano (Road) crank set, I found that one of the chain rings was actually bumping into the chain stay so it wouldn't go into the bottom bracket all the way. I think this is because the Badboy's chain stays get wider than a road frame in order to accommodate wider tires. I actually had to dent the chain stay where the chain ring was rubbing against it in order to make room for the crank set to fit properly. I put the handle of a tool I had against the chain stay and then hammered the tool, I didn't hammer the frame directly.

My stock Si came with 700x28c tires and did not have disk brakes. I actually just put a road wheel set on mine with 25c tires. I was under the impression that 23c to 32c is too great a difference for one wheel set to accommodate, but I could be wrong. You might look into a wheel set made for cyclocross. I've found to be a very helpful resource. Also, the rear hub of the road wheel set I have now is technically 5mm too narrow, but that is only a difference of 2.5 mm on each side, so I just tighten the skewer to squeeze the back part of the frame to make it fit. I haven't had any problems.

And of course you want to make sure your STI shifters are compatible with your brakes. I had to figure all that out as well...

That's all I can think of for now. Let me know if you have any questions.


BB conversion

I thought a lot about your situation with the crank and decided to keep the one I have (MTB) - I ordered an ultegra rear derailleur and a dura ace front derailleur (on clearance), I'll need a road cassette - 11-27t I think. I have to swap out the Avid BB5's with Avid road disc's - I might as well upgrade to the BB7's. I am changing out the cable housing to yellow, a Selle seat in yellow, bar tape in yellow, and of course yellow and black tires. a Dark Matter was already taken so I figured a Wasp would be good - although it may end up a bumble bee. The Bike Ninja

Check out my WASP

I finally got my Badboy put together - check it out. aka The Bike Ninja

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