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Patty Lee Affinity Pursuit

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60cm '08 Affinity Pursuit


Affinity, Chris King no-thread-set



Sugino Messenger, Durace


MKS Sylvan, KMC


fuckin' right.

still looking for a new stem...


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Sweet bike, how does it ride

Sweet bike, how does it ride commpared to the Brassknuckle?
I'm in DC also!

i like your bike. nonsense

i like your bike. nonsense about the drops- i'm 6'5", give me those bastards any day. i'm saving up for an affinity build.


The bike is even sicker in person.


Why ride a pursuit if you aren't gonna ride pursuit? Just don't get risers. All in all, I love the Affinity frames, as well as pursuit in general, and yours is no exception.

well, you see

my reasoning in using risers most of the time is that I'm a courier and having 30lbs of shit on your back being down that low is a bit akward. Also, I'm a photo major and carrying around a 12lb camera and a bunch of other necessary shit is also, akward. I like the drops on when I'm just riding around having fun, but for practicality sake, risers are the usual day to day

I have an Affinity and am

I have an Affinity and am also a courier. I ride mine with Syntace Stratos and have no problem carrying heavy shit in the dropped position. If you have the right stem set up and enough steerer to put in a 1/2in or so spacer, it is very comfortable.

I'm now on my second Affinty frame as I destroyed my black one avoiding hitting some asshole teenagers and skidding sideways into the back of a stopped taxi at 15 mph, fun.

Great frames, deserve bullhorns.

snack attack!

whoa i remember that hallway.
that thing can't be comfortable with 70lbs of fiji water and chips and ice cream on your back...can it?


i wouldnt think of even attempting it in the drops. Matts got these deals now where if you buy 6pks ofany drink its way cheaper. August and I had to carry a 154dollar order of just drinks.


I find drops like that on the street downright ridiculous. You ride in the bottom ever?


They're my buddies drops. I just had them on because I thought itd be ridiculous but when they were on and when i WAS riding with them it was the middle of the night. I'd definitely not ride them every day because I only went in the drops 1 or 2 times over an 8hr period. its just too much. like a 14in drop from the seat

i find it all ridic plus

i find it all ridic

plus that thing is way too big for you

too big?

its a 60. I'm almost 6'2.

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