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LF Phil to H+Son

LF Phil to H+Son


Thomson Turbo

62cm. Pretty nice ride.

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your panasonic vs. my panasonic.

I like what you're doing here.
I have the same frame. it's just the real deal.

the wheels

im thinking about getting those rims. how are they. i heard from someone that the deep V's are sturdier than the HplusSon.

H Plus

Dope wheels, I'm plannin on gettin a front next week..........

H Plus Sons

How are you feelin' the H Plus Sons wheelset?

No problems yet, but I only

No problems yet, but I only have a few hundred miles on them.

How/where did you get the

How/where did you get the frame? Even the ones I've seen through NJS importers aren't that nice or large enough for me.

It's one of the

It's one of the off-the-peg "semi-custom" frames that they are selling now. My friend can order them for you. His blog is

Ah.... I'd seen the link, I

Ah.... I'd seen the link, I was unsure how legit that was. I don't have the money for one now, but I'm trying to save up for a much nicer frame. Thanks for the info.


cream cream all in my pants

wait, are those wheels 650c?

wait, are those wheels 650c?

and where did you get them? how are they? I'm considering getting one for the front

Those are 700's. He is just

Those are 700's. He is just one tall man.

Very nice

I considered one of these, coincidentally, after selling my Concept. Hoping to cop some Italian steel now. We think alike though, you and me.

carl your bike is hot

..... and dave you should buy one too.
ask deathhare to hook you up.

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