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Maeda NJS Keirin

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Maeda NJS 57 cm Keirin Track Frame (Samson Dropouts)

Nitto B125 NJS Cro-Mo on Nitto Jaguar 120mm NJS

Matching Maeda Fork with Hatta Swan Super Deluxe NJS Headset

Phil Wood High Flange 36 Hole Track Laced 3 cross (DT Swiss) to Mavic Open Pro.

Phil Wood High Flange 36 Hole Track (single fixed) laced 3 cross (DT Swiss) to Mavic Open Pro.

Sugino 75 165mm NJS on Hatta Bottom Bracket NJS

Nitto Jaguar 27.0 mm NJS with Kashimax Five Gold 7 NJS or Campagnolo Nuovo Record with Selle Turbo

MKS Sylvan with MKS NJS clips and Fujita NJS Straps.

Chainring: Sugino 75 49t NJS Cog: EAI 18t, Kashimax Top Tube Protector

I have some Suntour hubs that I'll probably build up for the full NJS experience, but for now I ride this on the street often and I wanted to have a wheelset that would do well on the mean streets of Chicago.

The bike did have a gorgeous set of Suntour Superbe Pro Track cranks on it, but in investigating a creak in the drivetrain I noticed an 'about to get serious' stress crack near the spindle. I opted for brand new 75's and have been pleased.

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So close in appearance at first glance to my 3Rensho I did a double take. Nice classic build, with a wink to the PW wheels

my jaw

doesn't often drop at a bike picture, but this was one of them.


Very nice. Kitajima at Punch is a big Maeda supporter. He makes some great frames though. My favorite bike upstairs was the old blue Maeda road bike. Big too...maybe I need to work on getting that one....

The builder is getting very old, nearing retirement apparently.

But here is their site:

this is the only other maeda

this is the only other maeda besides mine (and one other from the shop i bought mine in in tokyo) that i have ever seen.
this is NOT a suntour bike. this is handmade by a keirin racer with the last name maeda. he made a run of several hundred frames in the 90's (road/njs keirin). i cannot remember his first name, but i bought mine (bright lime green with gold fleck) from people who knew him at Punch Cycles in tokyo. you have a really rare and beautiful bike that not very many others will ever see again. i will try and post mine soon so you can see!

i have one too , let's all

i have one too , let's all be friends !

wow. really?

that's amazing. someone from san francisco told me maeda industies made it. i knew there were incredible few of them. i have seen one other, a guy in japan with a red one. i'm excited to see yours. thanks for letting me know.

did you see the red one at

did you see the red one at punch cycles in tokyo??
that's where i saw a road racing maeda (i think it was red).
i bought my maeda from those people and since my japanese friend spoke much better japanese than i at the time, i got a bit of the story behind the name as well.
the suntour mistake is understandable, most of the suntour stuff was made by maeda industries (it says it on the back off all the components), but it is purely coincidental and not related to Maeda brand bicycles.
i should have mine up as soon as the weather is nice and i can take some pics.


Nice details... tube protector, saddle, etc ... Kudos on a sweet ride


i like how it turned out. she'll probably be inside for the next four months though, unfortunately.


S, nice bike! Why haven't I seen it before? I guess I need to come to Tricks 'n' Drinks more often... :)


yeah. tricks and drinks gets harder to come out to when it's in the teens while it's going on. hopefully there'll be something to make it out to soon.



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