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Black Bareknuckle V3.2         Featured Bike! on 12/15/2009

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike | 54cm | Bareknuckle | Chris King threadless | more tags >>
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Bareknuckle 54cm

Deda Elementi Pista / Thomson X2 110mm

Bareknuckle / Chris King threadless

Black Phil Wood high flange 36 hole hub 3x to H Plus Son

Black Phil Wood single fixed high flange 36 hole hub 3x to H Plus Son

Black Paul Crank / Phil Wood Stainless BB 115mm

Fizik / Mavic

MKS Royal Nuevo / Izumi V 1/8"

Euro Asia cog / 48 x 17t

One of two work rides.

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wow. thats hot as f*@K!

wow. thats hot as f*@K!

hot damn!

Looks all oily and slippery.. i like! May be the best Bareknuckle on this site


if you ever wanna sell it, hit me up.

If time ever comes I will.

I love it too.

are those locking skewers?

are those locking skewers?


Yea, but only on the drive side.

What are "locking skewers?"

What are "locking skewers?"

I have

the same stem on my Bllack bareknuckle, a little steelwool takes the dimension logo right off (for a cleaner look) looks sweet though.

Tried the steel wool. It

Tried the steel wool. It does work. Thanks.

I was wondering if the logo

I was wondering if the logo was screened on. Thanks for the tip, I'll try it out. Where did you pick up your BK?

I got my frame

from the bike biz online about a year ago. really like it and it's been a really solid bike.

That thing looks like it's

That thing looks like it's speeding at a standstill.


like the aero feel of the

like the aero feel of the deeps and the tires - nice build!

ube - icecream - fixie!






Thanks. It does tend to scare old ladies, babies and small animals.

yeah' boy! - that's more

yeah' boy! - that's more like it (no stickers) - that thing looks WEAKED! ... jähzorn


...and it rides better too, sans stickers.

- wiCkeD!

Jakito - not an insult brotha' but i meant WICKED!had too much Sapporo Beer ...

Jahzorn, no loss in translation

Jahzorn, no loss in translation.

Thanks a lot :). I didn't

Thanks a lot :).

I didn't find it in the states, I actually bought it off Terry Dolan's sight for . best threadless stem ever. Love it.

Man your bike is nice. Looooove those Paul cranks.


Thanks. That's where I also found the stem after doing some research. So much nicer than the Dimension. Hard to find 26.0 dia threadless stems with a 35 degree rise/drop.

Nice TOUCH but those

Nice TOUCH but those velocity stickers on the wheelset gotta' come-off! - it's an EYE SORE .... - Have a SAFE n' FUN RIDE! jähzorn

I was planning to. I peeled

I was planning to. I peeled them off my silver Deep V's first, when I finished my finger nails were sore for a week so I just left them on the black set.

Here's a trick! Use GOO GONE

Here's a trick! Use GOO GONE to take it off. U can find this @ your nearest Home Depot, ACE or OSH. Squirt thoroughly all over the sticker (squirt more after 5 minutes. WAIT 10 minutes) and it will loosen-up the glue n' u can peel it off easily. Have a SAFE n' FUN RIDE!- jähzorn


Jahzorn, Thanks for the GOO GONE tip! I'll try it out.

The only thing it needs is...

a 'spoked B' for Boston Bruins, (black uniforms of course)...

Nite riding?

Damn that is one stealth machine......

Thanks, and now a bit more



that is really nicely put together.

very cool theme and concept, i wish my bike was this clean.

i'm a hipster


Easy to keep clean here in LA. It's summer 11 months out of the year!

sorry, a tech question for you

what is your BB length?

BB length

Hey there, haven't been on Velo in a while, sorry about the late reply. The BB length is 111mm with a .5mm spacer for proper chain alignment. Do you have the same set up?


very nice!

very nice!
the paul crank is a nice touch too.


Bike looks evil. Nice.

Pure Evil



I absolutly love your crank.


Very nice, gives me an idea for my project.

Maybe I'll see you on the streets of Beverly as I live just off Robertson&Wilshire..


Man this is one of the nicest Bareknuckles I ever seen. real nice job
your choice of component are great. Not a huge fan of bullhorns but man you made them work for me.

Slick build, the seatpost is

Slick build, the seatpost is tastey

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